009 Meg Frazier speaks about chasing your dreams and the power of community

In this episode, Chicago artist and gallery owner Meg Frazier speaks about chasing your dreams, the power of networking and engaging the community through art education.

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Meg Frazier graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree with a focus on education and community development in 2004 and began her career teaching immediately after.  Having studied her last 2 years of college in and out of Jamaica, her first move was there with the idea of experiencing education from a 3rd world perspective. From Jamaica, Meg returned to her hometown in Ohio and worked in after school programming before moving to Chicago.

Two long years of waitressing and saving later she opened her 1st studio workspace in The Chicago Arts District, Both Sides. Both Sides was developed as a creative space for community members to come, experience painting in a non-intimdating way and learn how to use the creative side of their brain in everyday life. Both Sides has evolved to Frazier Studios where Meg and her teachers showcase their artwork and also offer art classes to community members.

Resources: As a teacher for beginners in art:  Drawing From The Right Side of The Brain.  Anything by Sir Ken Robinson.
As a daily thirst for knowledge: TED talks and RSA Animate

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