050 John Feustel, Founder and CEO of Artwork Archive talks about tools to organize your art career






John Feustel has had a lifelong passion for creating interesting products and tools to help people be more creative, more connected and more successful. After studying Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, he went on to develop research tools for lawyers at a large corporation. After a few years, he left to pursue his passion for music. He spent a year touring with his band, playing hundreds of shows across the US.

It was around this time that John started Artwork Archive as a side project to help his mother manage her growing career as a professional oil painter. John had grown up with a love of art, often doing art and craft projects with his mother. Creating Artwork Archive was a natural melding of his passion and talents. Soon after, he began working at a venture-funded startup that went through one os Silicon Valley’s top accelerator programs. It cemented his skill set and Artwork Archive took off. John continues to apply his knowledge and experience to make Artwork Archive the number one tool for artists to manage and grow their careers.




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