059 Dr. Anh Nguyen talks about the benefits of using food as medicine

Dr. Anh Nguyen is a board-certified pharmacist and certified health coach who helps people use food as medicine to come off their chronic medications naturally. She specializes in treating cholesterol, thyroid, and gut conditions naturally. She is also the host of the popular podcast, Food as Medicine with Dr. Anh where she interviews people who have healed themselves or their clients using food as medicine.

She is obsessed with globes, elephants, corgis, and all things furry. Her approach to food and nutrition is practical, baby step by baby step, and tailored to the individual person’s preferences to create healthy habits for life.

website: http://dranh.com
podcast: http://dranh.com/category/podcasts/

Free gifts:

Guide: “The Eating Clean Rules: How to Eat to Lose Weight, Improve Your Biometrics, and Get More Energy” – http://dranh.com
Guide: “How to Order at Restaurants (And Other Social Engagements)” – DrAnh.com/gift

Natural Energy Supplements suggested in the episode:
• Bee Pollen
• Sublingual B-complex (Excellent choice for vegetarians)
• L-theanine for concentration and focus




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