Artists Allen Vandever and Derek Hopkins on a Journey to Stop Child Sexual Abuse. Episode 118

Childhood Fractured Art Project

Childhood Fractured is a Humanities based Human Rights Initiative centered on exploring, defining, and preventing the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The foundation of this project is a series of 13 paintings each with a written narrative meant to explore the childhood sexual abuse of artist, Allen Vandever.

This contemporary artwork functions as a creative interface for the public to be made aware of the realities of childhood sexual abuse told from the male perspective and to foster constructive, critical, and positive dialogues on this topic. The artwork and their respective narratives are currently being compiled into a book.

This book will also feature expository writings on the topic of childhood sexual abuse, current medical research, and critical analysis of what we can do as a society in relation to childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.


About the Childhood Fractured Artists

Allen Vandever is a multi media contemporary Artist Based out of Chicago. He is a father, husband, and a son. Family and friends are very important to him. He has lived his life with the goal of making every year worthy of a good movie or a great book. I loves to take risks, embrace adventure and live life to the fullest. And as a result, I has many wonderful stories some of which you will hear about today.

Derek Hopkins was born and raised in Chicago. He is a student at Columbia College Chicago and a Student-at-Large at Northwestern University. Most importantly, he is a writer of short stories, personal essays, and poetry. He is also working on his first novel about the contemporary American Ghetto.

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  1. Thanks Sergio for having us on your pod cast. I am always happy to be part of any thing you do. I have great respect for what you are doing artistically and for the art community. Cant wait to see were the future takes you.

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