Art, dance and inspiration with choreographer Laura Thurston – Episode 134


About Laura Thurston

Laura Thurston studied dance at Northern Dance Theatre of Northern Illinois University and at the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago where she graduated with a BA in Dance Performance.  She began performing professionally in 2004 She’s performed throughout the Midwest, NYC, and Mexico. In 2009 when she co-founded Piel Morena Contemporary Dance and become the CFO, Executive Director, and Outreach Coordinator between the years of 2009-2013. 

While Laura wasn’t rehearsing, performing, or working “behind the scenes,” She was teaching dance, and has taught children and teens for over 17 years. She currently teaches at Virtuoso Performing Arts in Morton Grove, IL 

Laura is also thrilled to share her artistic visions as a choreographer with Still Inspired(?). She independently co-produces Still Inspired(?) and is honored to produce the show’s fourth installment in the beautiful City of Chicago, where she can share artistic visions with other dance and visual creators AND provide opportunities to artists and dancers alike through this incredible project. It is a dream come true!

About Still Inspired

Still Inspired (?)​​ is a dance performance showcasing the inspirations of multiple independent dance and visual artists. With four pieces and four choreographers, the performance attempts to share visions within the realm of art between “still” and “live.”​

Still Inspired (?) also questions our current societal views of art as an outlet for creation, enlightenment, and education. With ever-changing advancements and a growing want for immediate satisfaction, can we still be inspired by the patience and virtue of art as an alternate means of communication?




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