Countdown to the top 5 most downloaded episodes of 2017 – Episode 132

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Check out the top 5 most dowloaded episodes of 2017 and find out why they were at the top of the charts. Thanks for an amazing 2017!

#1 Most Downloaded

107 Tim & Suzanne Smith share the journey of running a thriving gallery (Sirona Fine Art)

#2 Most Downloaded

110 Artist Ray Beldner talks about why he started stARTup Art Fair and what it can do for independent artists

#3 Most Downloaded

096 From the convent to the art world. The journey of artist Anabel Ruiz

#4 Most Downloaded

109 Protecting Yourself from Art Scams. A conversation with Renée LaVerné Rose

#5 Most Downloaded

115 From Attorney to full-time artist, Justin Vining on building a sustainable art career from the ground up.


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