Dr. Elaine M. Schmidt talks about collecting and curating. Episode 139


Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt spent her work career facilitating the education of younger students.  As teacher and administrator she was involved in creating learning environments for students with special learning needs.

Elaine is now spending her time and energy on a number of other projects she holds close to her heart.   She lives with her husband, Steven Alan Bennett, in San Antonio, Texas.  She and Steven are art collectors who specialize in realist paintings of women by women artists.  This undertaking has afforded them the opportunity to create a collection of women experiencing various emotions from all walks of life as well as to meet many creative artists.  The couple recently launched The Bennett Prize, designed to propel the careers of women painters who are or seek to become full-time professional painters.  Elaine also is one of the curators for “Visions of Venus/Venus’s Visions” at the Zhou B. Center which opens this coming Friday.


The Bennett Art Collection

The Bennett Prize

Zhou B Art Center




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