Even da Vinci couldn’t paint a perfect smile!

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By A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

Did you know that Madam Lisa Giocondo sued Leonardo da Vinci for 1 million dollars for not painting a perfect smile? I’m totally kidding. But I bet I’ve got your attention!

What is true is that sometimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves on our quest for perfection. I sometimes hear artists say that the only way they would finish a work of art is when they reach perfection. “It’ll be finished once it’s perfect!” Frankly, as long as we are here on earth, we will never reach perfection. However, we can switch our focus from reaching perfection to reaching excellence.

Excellence is reachable, perfection is not. And your attempt to reach for perfection simply adds unnecessary stress to your life. Why not focusing on becoming an excellent person, artist, friend, significant other, etc.? This mind set has the potential to remove mediocrity while adding focus and meaning to your life.

Strive for excellence! Intentionally look for opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally. Use your art to make a difference in the lives and perspectives of others. Don’t stay behind, be ahead of the game!

What are your thoughts on reaching excellence versus reaching perfection? Share them in the comments below!

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As always, artists who maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul) will be ahead of the game!

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