We help you get organized, focused and grow your art career to the Next Level

Being a successful artist is more than making great art in the studio. It requires a level of business savviness, networking skills, a thriving mindset and technical ability like never before.

As artists, we want creative freedom (art-making), make a living (sell), be accepted (respect) and exposure opportunities (show). Yet, we don't know where to start, what to do or how to move our art forward.

We get it! As an artist/curator/gallerist and mindset expert team, we have worked with hundreds of artists over the years who face similar challenges in their art career. You are not alone and there is a solution ahead.

Meet the Art NXT Level Strategic Group! An online membership community for the working artist.

We are here to guide you along the way

"As a successful practicing artist, gallery owner, podcast host, entrepreneur, educator and curator of an international institution with vast experience in the art word, I believe that when one of us (artist) wins, we all win. I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. Everything I know and learn each day in the field, I pour it back at the membership site because I believe that sharing information is the key to a satisfying career. Let me help you get where you want to be." 

Sergio Gomez, MFA (See what others have said about Sergio)

"As an emotional wellness and mindset expert (former gallerist), I believe in a wholeness approach to the art career. Taking care of the studio practice, business management and emotional wellness are the pillars to a long and enriching art career. We invite you to join us and experience the business and wellness support we provide to our community. This is what makes us unique from everyone else. We are #TeamGomez and we would love to be part of your journey.” 

A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

We work with you behind the scenes so that, at the end of the day, YOU get the spotlight.

Here's the Plan...

WHERE to start.

You are stressed out about all you have to do to keep up with your art career. It's hard to stay current, you spend hours learning how to maneouver the art world and you are not sure where to start.

With the Art NXT Level Strategic Group, you have tools, resources, training and business insights at your fingertips 24/7. It saves you time and allows you to be more productive.

WHAT to do.

You feel alone in the journey. You don’t have a supportive group to bounce ideas back and forth. Staying motivated is hard when you see things are not moving forward and you are having a hard time figuring out what to do about it.

With the Art NXT Level Strategic Group, you feel that you are part of a like-minded community as you experience the support of Sergio & Dr. Yanina Gomez and the artist's community. You join the virtual brainstorming video sessions as you watch your career take new heights.

HOW to move forward.

In an average week, you spend hours in social media looking for connections, advice and resources. You hope that your efforts yield positive results. 

With the Art NXT Level Strategic Group, in an average week you connect with your Art NXT Level community, you get inspired, wellness support and effective strategies. You know that you are operating with focus and look forward to achieving your goals.

How Art NXT Level works...

  • Join the Art NXT Level Strategic Group Membership during open enrollment. 
  • Identify the main goal you would like to achieve in the next 3-4 months. 
  • Access our Goal Tracks, training videos and meet other artists with similar goals. Participate in the discussions and attend the live brainstorming video sessions where you can ask questions to Sergio & Yanina. Join our private Facebook group to expand your network. You decide the level of engagement. 
  • Watch your career move to the next level.

The Art NXT Level Advantage

There are many professional artists programs out there. To advance in the art world, you need a guide in the inside who understands what you are going through and who is doing it along with you because the art world is continuously evolving. Someone experienced who lives in both sides of the art practice from the artist and the gallery perspective and has a trustworthy reputation in the field. 

Imagine having access to a professional team (artist/curator/entrepreneur/psychologist) who is active in the field and who is there to brainstorm ideas with you and provide guidance and motivation right when you need it. This is not an online course or a class. It is ongoing support for your art career. That is the Art NXT Level Advantage! 

What our members are saying...

“Art NXT Level, Sergio and Yanina have been very helpful at getting my art practice organized. They have also helped clarify my goals and develop a strategy for going forward.” 

Nadine Robbins, New York

“I am so grateful for everything that I've received from Sergio, Yanina and the next level courses. I can say with all the tools and skills I've gotten I really can see movement in my art career and get excited about what's on the horizon.” 

Randal Stringer, Chicago

"Where I am today wouldn't have been possible without the guidance, support and experience of Sergio Gomez and Yanina Gomez. I have now complete confidence that I will get to my vision." 

Sarvin Haghighi Culley, Chicago

"The Art NXT Level Strategic Group provides highly recommended Information to connect, to grow and to share valuable knowledge. There, we, artists gain further steps in our personal career. Being part of this community is an essential part of my daily international networking focus." 

Petronilla Hohenwarter, Germany

“It's amazing how I am a baby in this community (hardly just begun) and you have NO IDEA the impact you have made in my artistic life. Nothing but benefits and nothing but positivity and professionalism is what I am experiencing!” 

Annabel Ruiz, Miami

"Art NXT Level has given professional FOCUS to making artwork, which is the thing I needed—where there's a will there's a way. The resources alone are certainly worth the price of admission." 

David Versluis, Iowa

Art NXT Level has aided in helping me refocus and build a new base for my art and the business of my work. The courses and input from other artist keep me engaged. I look forward to continued growth with this group of exceptional Artist and Professionals.

N Masani Landfair, Atlanta

"All my questions are answered regarding my art career, without having to seek out resources. As an artist, I am very appreciative of what this has offered. There are many other benefits as well, networking, art opportunites shared - too many to mention! It is a blessing in my life.

Jan Glazar, Chicago

What are the benefits of joining us?

Artist Community
  •  Focus on one specific goal at a time so that you can actually see how you are moving forward.
  • Join Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez for bi-monthly live brainstorming video sessions.
  • Get invitations to submit work to exhibit in our Chicago art gallery. 
  •  Connect with other like-minded artists from around the world that, like you, are here to reach their next level goals.
  •  Reduce stress from trying to figure out things on your own.
  •  Get professional wellness advice to help you deal with stress and mindset blocks.
  •  Access our growing library of video Goal Tracks (see full list below) and podcast interviews.
  • Access our list of over 200 museums and institutions currently accepting exhibition proposals.
  •  Stay motivated for the long run so that you can achieve your professional goals.
  •  Realize that you are not alone in the journey and that your art career matters. You can do this!

Access our exclusive video Goal Tracks

As a member, you have 24/7 access to all our video courses valued at over $2,000.

  • Incresing My Art Exposure
  • Finding My Artistic Voice
  • Wellness
  • Participating in an International Art Fair
  • Selling More Art
  • Increasing My Marketing Reach
  • Attracting More Collectors
  • Finding Great Mentors
  • Time Management, Organization and Productivity
  • Designing/Updating My Website
  • Five Steps to Clearing Mindset Blocks and Refocus Program
  • and more...

Let's answer some of your questions

What happens if the monthly dues go up?

We’ve got you covered. As long as you keep your membership active, you will always pay the same amount when you signed up. However, if you join and decide to cancel your membership and at a later time decide to join again, you’ll be paying the membership current fee posted on the website.

Can I join from a country outside of the United States?

Yes! In fact we have artists from various countries outside of the US. You will not be the only one. The membership community wil help you expand your network around the world and open new opportunities for you. Additionally, we continue expanding our resources to make them relevant to artists outside of the US. 

What is included in the membership?

Full access to our dedicated website with over 100 hours of training videos you can watch at your leisure on everything from marketing, email campaigns, Photoshop, mentors, selling, and much more. You will have direct contact with other like-minded artists who are on their path to their next level as well. No one is there just for the fun of it. Additionally, you have direct access to Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez through the internal message system. You will also have access to join our bi-monthly live video brainstorming sessions so you can ask questions, receive advice as you face decisions and create goals for your own career. Lastly, you also get access to our Facebook Members Only hangout page. 

How much time commitment is necessary to be part of the membership? 

We get it, running an art career is a busy lifestyle and you do not want to add yet another thing. For this reason, you choose how much time you put into it. Additionally, the whole purpose of this platform is to help you save time while reaching your next level, be effective, have focus, create a strategy and reach your artistic goals.

Can I cancel my membership if I am not satisfied? What about refunds?

Although we do not offer refunds, you can cancel your membership at anytime. It’s only a click away. You will not need to send us a request or anything like that. It is entirely at your own discretion. We will not come knocking at your door. LOL!

Do I need to be at a certain level in my art career to join?

We love to work with artists at all levels inside the membership community as long as they are committed to see their career grow and succeed. If you are an emerging artist, you will find inspiration and tons of learning opportunities. If you are established, you will benefit from the more in-depth strategic topics to figure out what is next for you.

Art Insiders Talk About Sergio Gomez

This quotes were originally published in the September issue of ACS Magazine.

"Sergio Gomez has played an important role in the development of the Zhou B Art Center. The Center started from nothing, bare bones to one of the most important art institutions and Sergio was instrumental in this development. He came in with a belief and the vision of what the Zhou B Art Center could and would be. He is the Director of exhibitions at the Zhou B Art Center and has curated hundreds of important shows, among them is the National Wet Paint MFA show and the Self Portrait show. He is a dedicated artist and sets an inspirational example for many young, aspiring and established artists through cultivation of his dedication, passion and love for art." 

Zhou Brothers, internationally acclaimed artists

“Sergio Gomez is a present day iconoclast: successful artist, curator, instructor, and promoter. Other than his talent as an artist, perhaps his most important traits are his curiosity and empathy. I had the pleasure to meet and work with Sergio Gomez as we co-curated the Border Crossings exhibition for the 2014 Chicago Art Fair. With an impeccable work ethic, he generously shared his vast knowledge of the Chicago Latino art scene and continuously collaborated on cultural exchange between Mexico and Chicago.”

Margaret Failoni, independent international curator

“Sergio has enriched the Chicago metro area with his painting and his ability to organize, curate and share the gallery walls. He has exemplified the power of working collectively – in community and solidarity. By providing space and opportunity to come together, his philanthropic approach to creating art has advanced the Midwest community of working artists. His aspirations of building bridges between artists and cities across the globe have gained him the respect of his peers, as well as those who work in the cultural and humanities fields. Sergio is a writer and thinking artist who repeatedly looks beyond the canvas to recognize the necessity of the arts in our world. We are exceptionally fortunate to have him in Chicago! I am sure a younger generation of artists and artistic directors will reap some of the successful values and methods he has sown". 

Cesáreo Moreno, Visual Arts Director / Chief Curator National Museum of Mexican Art

“Sergio is generous, dedicated, sincere and inspiring. Sergio is a trusted voice in the art world; the quality of his studio work speaks for itself. His discerning eye makes him a highly sought-after curator. Sergio’s generosity, however, truly sets him apart. He is consistently willing to share his vast knowledge to help other artists succeed, and his advice is refreshingly sincere and honest. Sergio has an amazing ability to connect people; he has curated my work into several shows in the past few years, elevating my career and providing incredible networking opportunities. To know Sergio is one of the great privileges and joys of my life. To exhibit alongside him is an honor beyond comparison. His support and encouragement mean more than I can say".

Samantha Haring, artist

What's the risk?

You can’t say this does not work or it isn’t for you unless you actually try it. That is why we created it as a monthly membership so you don’t waste your money on a big program that you do not even know if it's going to work for you. 

If you are not satisfied, does not fit your needs or simply don’t think you need it anymore, just click the "Cancel Membership” button inside the website. It’s that simple! No questions asked, ever! The ball is always on your court.

Summary. Let's review what you get...

  • 24/7 Access to the Art NXT Level Member Site
  • Coaching from Sergio & Dr. Yanina Gomez
  • Access to bi-monthly live brainstorming video sessions
  • Access to over 20 training videos
  • Exhibition opportunites in our Chicago gallery
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Connect with other members
  • Featured in online publications
  • Resources and opportunities
  • Ongoing support and accountability

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