Saturday, August 19th, from 10am to 5 pm


A hands-on event to help you create a roadmap for your art career

1. Professional Development

  • Draft Your Business Plan Learn steps to develop a strategic business plan for your art career. You will leave with a business plan draft that can be updated as your career develops.
  • Increase Visibility Learn practical ways to increase visibility of your artwork among the right people. From social media to personal events, we will share specific platforms to boost the exposure your art deserves.
  • Learn Multiple Income Streams Learn various income streams that can help you maintain a sustainable career. Don't fall for the starving artist syndrome! 
  • Organizational Tools Learn amazing and super easy to use software programs that will help you organize and become productive. It is possible to manage your inventory and art business easier, faster and effectively.

2. Hands-On Approach

  • Artist Talk and Critique Have the opportunity to facilitate an Artist Talk and receive constructive criticism and suggestions from the Sergio & Dr Yanina Gomez and the participants. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback to fellow participants. As we get closer to the event, you will receive an email with details about this activity.
  • Website Review Receive an evaluation of your website. We will use a rubric to evaluate your website (e.g., first impression, navigation, content, etc.). At the event, you will receive our suggestions. You must provide us with your website address during enrollment.
  • Networking Network with other amazing artists and learn about their successes and hurdles. We can learn from each other!

3. Wellness

  • Guided Meditation Exercise Guided meditation, lead by Dr Yanina Gomez will help you focus the mind for relaxation, make positive changes, organize thoughts, and create an authentic sense of calmness and inner strength. Guided meditation is a journey of being lead through peaceful mental images, includes following along with the description of a serene scene, stable thoughts, the healing process of other forms. Breathing techniques will be taught to help maintain focus or simply ease your mind. 
  • Emotional Wellness Strategies Learn wellness strategies to help you deal with stress proactively and embrace your uniqueness so you can manage a balanced business/studio practice. 

About Sergio Gomez, MFA

Sergio Gomez is a Chicago based visual artist, curator and creative entrepreneur. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Northern a University. Sergio’s work has been subject of over 40 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 150 group exhibitions in the US and abroad. His work has been exhibited in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Egypt, England, Austria, Korea, Belgium, Mexico and the US. His work can be found in private and public collections of the National Museum of Mexican Art, Brauer Art Museum, and the MIIT Museo Internazionale Italia Arte among other public and private collections.

Besides his ample studio practice, Sergio Gomez is the founder/director of 33 Contemporary Gallery, curator/director of exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, contributor for Italia Arte Magazine, Art/Design faculty at South Suburban College, co-funder of the Art NXT Level Program which helps artists launch and succeed in their art career.

His weekly Art NXT Level podcast inspires and educates contemporary artists around the world. Sergio has curated special projects for the Chicago Park District, Garfield Park Conservatory, ArtSpot Miami International Art Fair during Art Basel Miami, Sirona Fine Arts, Evanston Art Center, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali of Turin, National Museum of Mexican Art, and ExpoChicago among others.  

About Dr. Yanina Gomez

Dr. Yanina Gomez is the co-founder of Art NXT Level. In 2009, she obtained her Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Educational Psychology. Before co-founding Art NXT Level, she practiced as a school psychologist for 12 years and taught courses in higher-education institutions in the areas of psychology and counseling for undergraduate and graduate programs. She is a former gallerist at 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago, IL.  

Dr. Yanina's insight and understanding of the psycho-emotional issues many artists experience give her the opportunity to research and develop practical resources to help them live a fulfilling career. Presently, she facilitates seminars and creates programs that focus on helping artists maintain optimal emotional wellness. In addition, Dr. Yanina provides support to artists who desire to maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul). 

What to expect on the event day...

  • First, we suggest that you arrive by 9:45am to check in and be ready to begin a productive day.  
  • We will begin with a voluntary guided meditation to help you relax and clear your mind so you can focus and become more efficient during this event.
  • You will have the opportunity to give an Artist Talk. Participants and the Gomez's will provide you with constructive feedback about your talk and artwork.  
  • You will have the opportunity to provide constructive feedback to your colleagues about their talks and artwork.  
  • We will walk you through important steps to develop an effective business plan for your art career. You will go home with a business plan draft.  
  • You will participate in various interactive and hands-on workshops.  
  • You will receive individualized suggestions to optimize your website.  
  • You will have the opportunity to network with fellow artists.  
  • Light lunch is included with your registration.

$75 BONUS!

Unlimited Access to Seven Steps to Creating a Killer Exhibtion Proposal Online Course

In this 55-minute video course, Sergio Gomez will take you from the basic steps of initiating your research to the details of an exhibition synopsis page. These seven steps are proven facts that will help you design exhibition proposals with excitement and efficiency. 

Additionally, Sergio will give you practical advice on how to create essential supporting materials for your proposal. Do not miss Sergio's Case Study towards the end of the video presentation.

Don't Miss Out!

Registration Fee $345  

Space is Limited due to the Nature of this Event  

Location: Art Next Level Projects 1029 w. 35th St., 4th floor Chicago, IL 60609 Free parking!  

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