At a time when cultural institutions are suffering restrictive budget cuts and scaling back programs, and when publications are disappearing due to a lack of advertising dollars, what Noor Blazekovic is accomplishing with Irreversible Magazine, Projects and Exhibitions is simply astonishing.

Practically single-handedly, and with an admirable determination of purpose that miraculously trumps her scant financial resources, she has succeeded in transforming her dream into a cultural portal joining creative voices from Miami to Tokyo, from Spain to Switzerland and beyond.

She has become a catalyst for linking artists of diverse vision in her publication. Whether she meets an artist in her travels to art fairs and creative forums in the United States, Latin America, Europe or Asia, Blazekovic has a knack for attracting those she encounters in the spirit of collaboration. Her vision serves as a portable exhibit because she approaches the publication with the eye of a curator.
Her goal at Irreversible has always been to “strive to broaden the global understanding of contemporary art and to foster cultural exchange by creating new paradigms through creative initiatives.”

In these pages you will not only find some provocative art, but perhaps more importantly, an equal measure of Blazekovic’s clarity, boldness and independence, not to mention a resolute and unwavering passion for doing what she loves.

Carlos Suarez de Jesus
Art Critic


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GOSS183 is the Publishing House for PoetsArtistScreen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.05.03 PMs, iARTistas, OCHO, JuJuBes and MiPOesias. Our publications were founded with the idea that publishing in itself is also an art form. We publish works from all mediums including painting, drawing, video, digital, photography, audio, sculpture, internet what-nots and poetry. Our publications are available in digital format as well as print-on-demand. We have yearly group shows in Chicago.

We are not afraid of the digital age. We breathe it in and exhale it back to our readers with gusto.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Didi Menendez

Design and Editorial Staff
April Carter-Grant
Jay Menendez
Matthew Hittinger
Emma Trelles
Grace Cavalieri
Luke Brekke



The ACS Magazine was launched in January 2015. The ACS Magazine provides our audience with a front row seat and a behind the scenes view of the Art World’s inner workings with its colorful players and diverse cultures that are enriched from these creative minds.  ACS Magazine is a part of the ACS family of companies.

Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc. (ACS) is enriching people’s lives through the arts and cultural exchange projects. The ACS brands (ACS Magazine, ACS Gallery and ACS Cultural Exchange Projects) promote a blend of internationally known to local emerging artists, amplify international cultural exchange projects, nurture artists’ communities, and act as a catalyst to foster corporate sponsorships/endorsements. For more details, visit ACS Gallery at and ACS Magazine at

ACS Gallery is housed in a one of the most diverse art communities and distinguished locations in the Zhou B Art Center/Museum. This rich artist community makes in-person visits a unique opportunity and culturally rewarding experience. Renée LaVerné Rose is founder & curator offering artists exhibition opportunities, curatorial projects, and artist residencies.  The gallery exhibits an eclectic mixture of creative mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and digital prints.  The gallery explores a blend of internationally known to local emerging artists.  This fresh range of eclectic artistic styles is inviting for our guest and culturally rich.



11140157_369915369864513_3824956585675064950_oOur mission is to promote cultural exchange linking traditional activities with contemporary practices through the development of artistic and educational programs. Our vision is the optimal and participatory development of culture in Latin American countries. We have been developed three major platforms. The Artist in Residence Program promotes cultural exchange and generate research projects for conservation and recovery of the artistic traditions of the native communities of Peruvian Jungle; the Cultural Festival, broadcasts Latin American art and culture, taking academic activities and entertainment as a start point to bring it up to the public space with an ecological framework; and the Native Education Program, promotes sustainable development of art in native communities, providing tools for the free creation of artists through an educational system designed with them.

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Michael Coakes Photography is a portrait centric photo studio on Chicago’s West side. Michael has been creating images in both the commercial and fine art realms for over 30 years with past experience drawing, painting, art directing, retouching and illustrating.

His portraits carry his signature style, combining simplicity with elegance, for impactful results. He strives to capture a certain level of intimacy to make viewers feel the subject is “letting them in a little” while giving the subject a portrayal of themselves that they’re proud of.

Michael summarizes, “For most of my life my passion has been to create strong solid images no matter what the medium or application and I’m especially happy when it’s done by how I can capture the personality of someone with my camera.”




Studio V Productions is a professional recording & mixing studio located in Carol Stream, IL. Music & Post Production audio is our passion, we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.


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