Photoshop Basics for Artists Workshop

Photoshop Basics for Artists

LIVE WORKSHOP w/Sergio Gomez

You may be missing opportunities because your images don't look their best!

Are you having a hard time getting your images to look great? Do you know how to color correct your artwork so that it looks its best online?

TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2017 10:30a to 12:30p


Finally, a Photoshop course just for artists!

Today more than ever, learning to manage our own images digitally is an important asset every artist wishing to navigate in today’s world should have. 

From designing postcards, color correcting artwork to posting your digital images in social media, you are in control of your own brand.

Let me help you get better at it by teaching you the basics of Adobe Photoshop (CS, CC, Elements) in this live workshop.


Anyone wishing to learn how to effectively navigate in Photoshop and get things done. This course is for beginners and does not cover advanced Photoshop techniques. If you have Photoshop and do not know how to use it or want to learn how to manage layers, color corrections, combine images, and other basic tasks, then this course is for you.

This course is geared towards the art community and will teach you how to edit your art images and create the most common marketing materials.


  •  Preparing Your Images

Opening an image, file size, CMYK vs RGB, using levels to check density, saturation, and color adjustments

  •  Basic Layers and Selections

Create new file, working with layers, selections, saving images

  •  Tools to correct your images

Use the Dodge and Burn tool with ease to make an ordinary image look amazing.

  •  Common Marketing Materials

Import images and combine them to create marketing materials.


  •  Facebook Profile Cover Image.psd (62.1 KB)
  • 4×6 inches CMYK Postcard.psd (1.58 MB)
  • 5×7 inches CMYK Postcard.psd (1.88 MB)
  • 5.5×8.5 inches CMYK Postcard.psd (2.25 MB)
  • Business Card CMYK Postcard.psd (1000 KB)
  • 550×750 pixels Email Promo.psd (118 KB)
  • Facebook Event Header.psd (83 KB)


I am an artist, curator, gallery owner and co-founder of the Art NXT Level, an online platform helping artists get organized, focused and grow their art career to the Next Level. I have been a Photoshop user for over 15 years and a college Photoshop instructor for 12 years. I am here to help you learn the basic tools and techniques you need as an artist. Yes, you too can learn Photoshop!

Learn more about me at


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TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2017 10:30a to 12:30p  

33 Contemporary Gallery Zhou B Art Center 1029 W. 35th Street Chicago, IL 60609 FREE PARKING 


Regular price $45

Hurry and claim your spot. Limited number of seats available. Bring your laptop computer to follow along or just take notes.

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