TOP SECRET juicing recipes that we will NEVER share with anyone, EVER!


By Dr. A. Yanina Gomez

Have you been feeling kind of bloated, crappy and super tired lately? Are you about to smack that energizer bunny wishing you had that kind of energy? Darn it! When was the last time you prioritized your physical wellness? If you’re like us, it can be hard to keep up with responsibilities, studio time and everything else. But, one thing we’ve learned is that our bodies are a priority. Without a body, we can’t accomplish much, right!?

So, if our body is so important, why do we tend to neglect it so easily? By now, we bet that tons of excuses have popped into your mind. But the truth is that regardless of your reasons, whether they are true or not, you need energy to create in the studio.

We all now that exercising and healthy eating are super important. One thing that we have found to be superb for our bodies is green juicing and regular cleansing. And, I’m not talking about taking a shower (although please take showers for the sake of humanity!), we’re talking about the “other” type of cleansing known as colon/whole body cleansing. When it comes to juicing, we power ours up with spirulina, wheat grass and chia seeds due to their amazing health benefits. Epic stuff! 

Check out Sergio’s blog in which he shares a few of our TOP SECRET juicing recipes that we will NEVER share with anyone… EVER! Click HERE to access the post.…. Granted, we’re not sharing our secret!

Other people prefer green smoothies. And that’s cool too. If you’re a smoothie person, check out Simple Green Smoothies ( They have amazing recipes and tons of valuable resources. And, they are super cool!

We really encourage you to take control of your health. Better yet, take it to the next level! Exercise and eat well… seriously! Don’t just put anything into your body. Be selective! Just like most painters are super picky about their paintbrushes, you should also be as or pickier about what you put into your body. Consider locally grown organic products and grass-fed meats. Your body will appreciate it and you will see how it responds to your demands more effectively. As always, we encourage you to do your homework about this topic. Always make educational decisions!

So, what are your thoughts on this week’s topic? As always, we love to hear from you. Have you decided to take control of your health? Share your results! Do you have a killer juice or smoothie recipe you want to share with us?  Send us your comments, results or recipes below!

As always, artists who maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul) will be ahead of the game!

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