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Beth Inglish speaks about art, marketing and how to build an artist community

Season #2 Episode #5

Beth Inglish is an artist and emerging leader in Nashville, TN who serves the community by creating spaces for people to connect. Beth uses an “intuitive” painting process to express her creative energy within. Her instincts and energy lead the way, choosing colors by feeling and using line to create pathways that connect one moment to the next. She opens her heart to connect with the viewer in hopes that they feel what she feels.

“If I can tell their story through my story then we can discover that we’re not alone and walk together.”

Beth is also the founder of Tennessee’s largest creative network, The Nashville Creative Group. She has partnered with numerous organizations, nonprofits and communities using her experience in business and art to bring people together online and offline. Her critical eye and thoughtful process work together to help people achieve their goals creatively and collaboratively. 


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