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Welcome to The Artist Next Level Podcast, hosted by artist, curator, and art business coach Sergio Gomez.

Each week, Sergio brings you inspiring conversations, insightful interviews, and valuable resources designed to empower emerging and established artists alike.

As a mentor, Sergio aims to elevate artists' careers and lives to the next level by sharing his wealth of experience and industry knowledge, providing practical advice, and showcasing diverse perspectives from fellow creatives, art professionals, and industry experts.

The Artist Next Level Podcast is your go-to source for actionable tips on topics such as marketing, selling art online, building a strong artist brand, finding gallery representation, and tapping into the power of social media to expand your audience. We also delve into personal development, work-life balance, and the ever-evolving landscape of the art world.

Whether you're an artist looking to build a thriving career, a collector seeking to discover emerging talent, or simply an art enthusiast curious about the creative process, The Artist Next Level Podcast will inspire, educate, and open your eyes to the countless possibilities that await you on your artistic journey.

Join Sergio and his guests as they explore what it takes to elevate your art and unlock your full potential. Subscribe now and take your art practice to the next level!

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