About Us

At Art NXT Level, our mission is to act as a catalyst for transforming artistic aspirations into tangible results.

We understand that every artist harbors unique dreams and goals, and we are dedicated to igniting the spark that propels these dreams into reality.

By providing the necessary resources, guidance, and community support, we serve as the driving force that empowers artists to pursue their passions with confidence and determination.

The journey of transformation is at the heart of what we do. We believe that true growth comes from continuous learning, exploration, and pushing the boundaries of one’s creativity.

Our comprehensive programs and workshops are designed to facilitate this transformation, enabling artists to evolve their skills, expand their perspectives, and refine their craft.

Through this process, we help artists unlock their full potential and navigate the path to success.

Every artist starts with an aspiration, a vision of what they want to achieve. At Art NXT Level, we honor these aspirations by providing tailored mentorship and opportunities that align with each artist’s unique goals.

Whether it’s mastering a new technique, gaining exposure in the art world, or developing a sustainable career, we are committed to nurturing these aspirations and turning them into actionable plans.

Ultimately, our mission is about achieving tangible results. Success for us is measured not just by the milestones reached but by the lasting impact we have on our artists’ careers.

We take pride in seeing our members exhibit their work, receive accolades, and grow as professionals.

By transforming aspirations into achievements, we help artists realize their dreams and leave a lasting mark on the world of art.

At Art NXT Level, professional growth, self-confidence, and career success are not just goals—they are the outcomes we strive to deliver for every artist we support.

Meet the Founders

Sergio Gomez, MFA

Founder, Art NXT Level

Sergio Gómez is a visual artist based in Miami and Chicago. He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Governors State University, and received a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts from Northern Illinois University.

Sergio’s work has been the subject of more than 45 solo exhibitions in the United States, Romania, Italy, Mexico, and Vienna. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Austria, Italy, South Korea, England, Kairo, Belgium, and the United States. His work is in several private and public collections. In 2018 Sergio was the subject of solo exhibitions at the Museum of the City of Queretaro, Mexico, Museum of the City of Cuernavaca, Mexico, Museum of Art of the City of Cluj, Romania, Museo Internazionale Italia Arte of Turin, Italy and ACS Gallery, Chicago.

Besides his studio work, Sergio Gómez is a Curator and Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, Director and founder of 33 Contemporary Gallery, and co-founder of Art NXT Level®.

He has curated over 100 exhibitions in the US and abroad such as “The National Self-Portrait Exhibition”, “Get Real: New Figurative Realism in Chicago” “CelebrARTE”, “Chicago’s Twelve”, “I AM American Traveling Exhibition” and the “National Wet Paint Biannual MFA Exhibition” which has become a catalyst for emerging painters across the USA.

His weekly Art NXT Level podcast and Breakfast with Sergio shows inspires and educates contemporary artists from around the world. Sergio has curated special projects for the Chicago Park District, Chicago Garfield Park Conservatory, ArtSpot Miami International Art Fair, Sirona Fine Arts Miami, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali of Turin, National Museum of Mexican Art, and Expo Chicago Art Fair among others. Sergio is the co-author of the book Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully! The Artist's Wellness Journey to Confidence and Success found wherever books are sold. 

Website: www.sergiogomezonline.com

Instagram: @sergiogomezart

Twitter: @sergiogomezart

Dr. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Art NXT Level

Dr. Yanina is a psychologist, author, and speaker. She has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Educational Psychology and has also completed the Internal Family Systems Model Training, an integrative approach to psychotherapy. 

Dr. Yanina began her career as a psychologist working with children from pre-school to high school and helping parents raise their children in a healthier way. Her career has evolved throughout the years and among other projects, she helps parents maintain healthier and stronger relationships with their children, as well as, discipline and raise confident, independent children. She also helps individuals pursue healthier emotional wellness through her various resources.

Dr. Yanina is the lead author of the book Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully! The Artist's Wellness Journey to Confidence and Success. She is also the author of Moms Don’t Quit! How to Influence, Empower and Stay Connected with Your Tween or Teen in a Noisy World. This book has been translated into Spanish and Turkish and was placed in the top 10 finalists under its category for the 2018 Author Academy Awards, a competition featuring authors from around the world. 

Throughout the years, she has observed how art has the potential to affect the emotions, psychological states, and moods of people. Similarly, through coaching and numerous conversations with artists, she has witnessed how art making can be used as a tool to ease one’s tensions, release anxiety, as well as, a powerful and influential way to share the artist’s voice with the world.

Her insight and understanding of the psycho-emotional issues many artists experience have helped her develop practical mindset and emotional wellness resources artists may benefit from as they grow their art career. She believes that artists who maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul) can enjoy healthier lives while making a greater impact in this world. She enjoys developing seminars, programs, and resources that are relevant to the thriving contemporary artist, especially brainstorming with artists about their career development and emotional well-being. Finally, she is a mother of two amazing children.

Website: www.dryaninagomez.com

Instagram: @dryaninagomez


Jamie Tarman, BS
Administrative Assistant

Website: www.jamietarmanart.com

Instagram: @jamieann.art