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"Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez, the creators of Art NXT Level, posses both the experience and savvy to help rising artists move beyond mere studio practice and toward a more complete understanding of the artist’s vocation." 

Cameron Anderson, M.F.A., Executive Director, CIVA

Art NXT Level In-Person Presentations

Art NXT Level lectures offer in-depth learning covering various topics relevant to today's artists. Our focus is on resources in the areas of business strategies, marketing, organization, productivity, as well as practical advice in the business of art and emotional wellness. We believe that artists who adopt a wholeness approach (nurturing mind, body & soul) can enjoy a fulfilling life and career.

The Art NXT Level modules cover both the basic and advanced professional skills that are needed to develop a strong foundation and succeed as an artist. Each module can be presented individually or combined, and timing can be modified. We can also create new modules to accommodate the specific needs of an organization or audience.

Educate + Ignite + Inspire = Build Momentum for Your Arts Group

Some of Our Topics Include:

Getting My Art and Career Organized

As the Pareto Principle states, 20% of one’s effort should produce 80% of the results. To do this efficiently, time management and organization are essential. In this lecture, Sergio Gomez shares effective and practical tools to help you organize your art and career efficiently so you can spend more time in the studio.

Marketing My Art

From writing a dynamic artist statement to social marketing and presentation, this lecture will introduce you to effective and strategic marketing techniques that create results. Learn practical ways to build a marketing strategy that fits your goals and objectives rather than trying to do what everyone else is doing without success.

The Nitty-Gritty of Exposure and Sales

A common challenge artists often face is adequate exposure and sales. This is more evident at the beginning of their art career. In this lecture, Sergio shares various income streams and strategies on how to gain more exposure and identify ways to profit from your art career and art projects.

Yes, I Can Succeed! Trusting Myself

Have you ever doubted yourself, your art, or your abilities? Know that you’re not alone. It’s easy to feel vulnerable when you’re promoting and selling a representation of yourself. So how do you build selfconfidence that keeps these insecure thoughts away? In this lecture, Dr. Gomez shares 7 powerful strategies to develop self-confidence that lasts.

Artist Survival Kit: Organize and Be Productive

As we live in a fast-paced world, we are often overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done and deadlines approaching quickly. From maintaining our social media outlets to organizing our art inventory, artists should become aware of the tools available to manage and organize their time and projects efficiently. This lecture will present practical and technological resources that will save artists time while remaining highly productive. This lecture includes a Q/A session at the end.

Ignite Your Art Career From The Inside-Out

In this talk, Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez deliver practical advice to driven artists thriving to live the art career they always wanted. Participants will learn essential professional practices necessary to succeed in the art world. The focus is on innovative technological options and tools available to help participants maximize productivity hence more time in the studio. In addition, great habits that will lead to professional growth and a positive impression when dealing with curators and gallerists will be presented. The talk concludes with wellness strategies to help participants deal with stress proactively and embrace their uniqueness so they can manage a balanced business/studio practice. With a holistic approach and strategic planning, this talk will inspire participants to focus, plan for the future and move their art career to the next level.

Adopting a Successful Mindset

In this talk, Dr. Yanina Gomez shares with the audience the importance of owning your mindset which she defines as the established set of attitudes, way of thinking, and mental inclination one adopts that influence our actions. She focuses on three powerful ways to declare one’s ownership: uniqueness, value-oriented goal-setting, and ingenious decision-making. She guides participants through the discovery and embracement of their uniqueness which will consequently enhance self-confidence. She also shares the importance and benefits of setting value-oriented goals to increase follow-through and achievement. The talk begins with a voluntary guided meditation exercise to assist participants to clear their minds and relax their bodies so they can become focused and engaged in the learning. The goal of this talk is to educate, inspire and motivate participants to embrace their inner strength so they can make decisions that will lead to a healthier and stronger Self.

Trusting Myself

As driven individuals, we have the desire to succeed and reach the next level at personal and professional levels. Although the desire to succeed is evident, some may lack the confidence to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Insecurities and self-doubt can quickly invade our minds and soon after, feelings of frustration and defeat can cripple our intentions. In this talk, Dr. Gomez shares practical strategies to help the audience develop self-confidence that lasts. From learning to identify and overcome the Impostor Syndrome, challenging oneself to focus on what leads to personal growth, the goal of this talk is that participants leave equipped with healthy strategies to trust themselves and strive for success. This course is ideal for individuals interested in flaring up their confidence. The talk begins with a voluntary guided visualization meditation to assist participants to clear their minds and relax their bodies so they can become focused and engaged in the learning. 


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