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"Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez, the creators of Art NXT Level, posses both the experience and savvy to help rising artists move beyond mere studio practice and toward a more complete understanding of the artist’s vocation." 

Cameron Anderson, M.F.A., Executive Director, CIVA

Art NXT Level In-Person Presentations

Embark on an illuminating journey with Art NXT Level's speaking services, where expert insights await across a spectrum of pivotal topics for today's artists. From strategic business acumen to sophisticated marketing strategies and profound guidance on navigating the nuances of the art industry, our presentations prioritize not only professional excellence but also the holistic well-being of artists.

At Art NXT Level, we extend an invitation to explore our thoughtfully crafted modules, meticulously designed to empower artists with both foundational and advanced skills essential for success. Whether presented individually or seamlessly integrated, our modules offer flexibility in timing to accommodate diverse schedules.

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Margaret Failoni
Independent Curator

"Sergio Gomez is a present day iconoclast: successful artist, curator, instructor, and promoter. Other than his talent as an artist, perhaps his most important traits are his curiosity and empathy. I had the wieasure to meet and work with Sergio Gomez as we co-curat-ed the Border Crossings exhibition for the 2014 Chicago Art Fair. With an impeccable work ethic, he generously shared his vast knowledge of the Chicago Latino art scene and continuously collaborated on cultural exchange between Mexico and Chicago."

Cesáreo Moreno
Chief Curator, National Museum of Mexican Art

"Sergio is talented, resourceful, respectful & generous. Sergio has enriched the Chicago metro area with his painting and his ability to organize, curate and share the gallery walls. He has exemplified the power of working collectively - in community and solidarity. By providing space and opportunity to come together, his philanthropic approach to creating art has advanced the Midwest community of working artists. His aspirations of building bridges between artists and cities across the globe have gained him the respect of his peers, as well as those who work in the cultural and humanities fields. Sergio is a writer and thinking artist who repeatedly looks beyond the canvas to recognize the necessity of the arts in our world."

Jason John
Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing/ Program Head. University of North Florida

"Sergio’s presentation to our students was one of the best I have seen in quite some time. The next day discussions with our students about the ingenuity of the artist was more than I could ever ask for. Students were extremely motivated by Sergio’s enthusiasm and drive. His advice really hit home for all of us. I am extremely excited for Sergio to come back again as soon as he can."


Some of Our Topics Include:

  • Getting My Art and Career Organized: Embrace the Pareto Principle to optimize your art and career efforts. Sergio Gomez provides practical tools for efficient time management and organization, allowing more time in the studio to enhance productivity.

  • Marketing My Art: Learn effective marketing strategies tailored to your goals, from crafting a dynamic artist statement to leveraging social media. This lecture emphasizes practical ways to build a personalized marketing strategy for success.

  • The Nitty-Gritty of Exposure and Sales: Overcome challenges in gaining exposure and sales early in your art career. Sergio Gomez shares diverse income streams and strategies to increase visibility and profitability in your art projects.

  • Yes, I Can Succeed! Trusting Myself: Dr. Gomez explores 7 powerful strategies to build lasting self-confidence for artists combating doubts about their abilities. This lecture provides guidance on overcoming insecurities and promoting a positive self-image.

  • Artist Survival Kit: Organize and Be Productive: Navigate the fast-paced art world with practical and technological resources. Discover tools for time management, social media maintenance, and efficient project organization, ensuring artists remain highly productive.

  • Ignite Your Art Career From The Inside-Out: Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez offer practical advice and innovative technological options for artists seeking success. The talk emphasizes professional practices, positive habits, and wellness strategies for balanced business and studio practices.

  • Adopting a Successful Mindset: Dr. Yanina Gomez explores the importance of mindset ownership, focusing on uniqueness, value-oriented goal-setting, and ingenious decision-making. This talk aims to inspire participants to embrace their inner strength and make decisions leading to personal growth.

  • Trusting Myself: Dr. Gomez shares practical strategies to help individuals overcome self-doubt and insecurities. The talk addresses the Impostor Syndrome, encourages focusing on personal growth, and includes guided meditation to enhance participants' confidence and success mindset.

  • Many more topics available upon request.
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Order Our Book for Your Art Community

In "Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully," Dr. Yanina, a psychologist, and Sergio, an artist and gallery owner, address the challenges artists face in today's demanding art world. Drawing on their personal experiences, they empathize with the struggle between studio practice, marketing, and personal life, acknowledging the insecurities and frustrations artists often encounter. The book offers practical strategies to overcome self-sabotage, free oneself from negative thinking, and enhance self-trust for a more fulfilling life. It guides readers through mindset adjustments, confidence-building, and creative maximization, providing insightful self-reflection exercises for self-discovery and personal growth. Geared not only towards artists but anyone seeking a healthier mental state, the book aims to silence self-doubt and empower individuals to live their best lives.

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