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1-on-1 with Sergio Gomez

In our 1-hour consultation session, we discuss questions and challenges in your art career or art business. We brainstorm solutions to help you overcome the issues or challenges that are affecting the growth of your business. We can also review marketing materials (newsletter, website, artist talks, etc.), as well as, exhibition proposals, and provide feedback for optimization. In sum, we address your questions and concerns, provide experienced advice, and share resources when applicable.

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1-on-1 with Drew Harris

During our 1-hour session, we will discuss a range of important topics that affect your work and your studio practice, beginning with the most important aspect in your art, your unique narrative. We will then review your artistic methods and how best to efficiently manage your working studio in order to maximize exceptional results in your art. Our time together is not a “critique” of your work in the traditional sense, but a private, confidential dialogue between professional colleagues that will help you draw out elements you might not have yet discovered. As working artists, we often find it challenging to push our creativity in ways that might be uncomfortable, but when we have an opportunity to share with another professional artist, these challenges become our rewards simply by looking at our approach with a fresh objective.

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