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Jessica Segal and Krista Hoefle talk about art, technology and video games.

Season #2 Episode #81

Krista Hoefle received her MFA in Sculpture from Penn State University, and her BFA in Furniture Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Her work uses sculpture as a creative methodology in the exploration of videogame experiences. Through the reinterpretation of virtual interactions and objects into physical spaces, she is interested in revealing underlying -or- hidden aspects of game structure that are otherwise not apparent during regular game play.  

  Jessica Segal is a professional artist and curator, born and raised in the Chicago South Suburbs. Jessica earned her MA from Eastern Illinois University in 2009. She is currently the Assistant Director of Fine Arts at North Central College in Naperville, IL and prior to that was the Director of Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, IL. Her curatorial style focuses on audience engagement and education, producing exhibits that are interactive and include text, artist talks, and panel discussions that spark dialogue and provide insight into the concepts and theory that play into the artwork. Her own art work is playful with a purpose, engaging the viewers own biases and judgements and forcing them to "judge" the figure she paints. She has exhibited her work in several exhibitions throughout the Midwest and her work resides in several collections including that of well known Chicago collector Howard Tullman.

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