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Artist René Romero Schuler shares her story and talks about keeping a positive attitude

Season #1 Episode #58

René Romero Schuler is a recognized contemporary artists. Now living in both Chicago and Carmel, CA, Renee is creating powerful images of strength and vulnerability

Her work is in the permanent collections of The Union League Club of Chicago, Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) in Chicago and St. Thomas University – Sardiñas Gallery in Miami.

Whether on canvas, paper, or three-dimensional sculpture, René studies the relationship between what is immediately apparent at the surface and what exists beneath. She creates visually powerful images that haunt us with their beauty and truth.

René’s work has been exhibited during Art Basel Miami since 2011, and exhibited internationally in Paris, Rome, Paxos and Beirut. She continues to be permanently represented in the United States and in Paris, France.

A book, René Romero Schuler: Life and Works, showcasing images of the artist’s thick impastos and striking figural canvases in addition to providing readers a look into her artistic process, was released in 2013.



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