Nicole Berry talks about behind the scenes of an international art fair, Expo Chicago and more

Season #1 Episode #49

Nicole Berry talks about behind the scenes of an international art fair. Nicole is Deputy Director for Expo Chicago. She has been actively involved in the international art world for over a decade. She is an art historian, art writer, curator and former art adviser. First gaining experience in the Contemporary Department at Sotheby's in London, she subsequently worked in New York City at a number of secondary market galleries. In addition to her gallery work, Berry created her own company, Accessible Art, in 2006. Incorporating advising and organized tours through the often intimidating gallery and museum scene, the main focus of Accessible Art was a monthly newsletter she wrote that reviewed exhibitions and provided information about global art events. She has also written articles for BBC Travel. Berry has curated numerous exhibitions as a freelancer as well as in her gallery positions. She has been a member of panels at various art fairs and has given lectures throughout New York on topics ranging from how to begin a collection to navigating fine art museums.



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