Artist and Curator Serena Kovalosky shares her life story and curatorial projects

Season #1 Episode #40

Serena Kovalosky is a sculptor, curator, cultural project developer and owner of Artful Vagabond Productions whose mission is to celebrate the creativity and inspiration that artists bring to this world and to promote the arts as a viable and valuable commodity in today's society.

Serena began her career in the travel industry.  After 18 years, she traded her suitcase for an artist’s loft in Montreal, Canada to pursue her talents as a professional artist. Returning to the U.S., she began transferring her project management skills to the art world and co-founded the juried biennial Open Studios of Washington County which to date has brought over $200,000 in art revenue as well as increased tourism to this rural New York community. 

In 2014, Serena curated and produced the five-month Slate as Muse National Art Exhibition at the Slate Valley Museum and was recently invited to speak at the Museum Association of New York's Annual Conference about the exhibition's success.


Serena has exhibited her work widely. She has appeared on the television programs, done numerous interviews on print and radio, and has written hundreds of articles on artists from around the world for the Artful Vagabond art blogsite.


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