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Do you ever find yourself questioning your artistic journey, or feeling uncertain about the impact of your art on the world?

It's time to change that narrative!

Video 1:

Discover Your Artistic Mission with Confidence

In the first week, psychologist Dr. Yanina Gomez will guide you through a profound exploration of your artistic mission. Discover your unique purpose, and cultivate the belief that your art has a profound mission in this world.

Video 2:

Bring Your Mission into Your Art Studio

In the second week, acclaimed artist Drew Harris will lead you through an engaging process of bringing your mission into your studio practice. Learn how to work with intent, overcome creative blocks, and elevate your artistic game.

Video 3:

Share Your Mission with the World

In the final week, artist, marketing expert, and coach Sergio Gomez will teach you the art of story-driven marketing. Discover how to convey your mission and story naturally to your audience, breaking through the noise of the art world.

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What You Will Learn  

  1. Discover Your Artistic Mission: Uncover the unique purpose behind your art, gain confidence in your creative journey, and cultivate a strong belief in your artistic mission.

  2. Elevate Your Studio Practice: Learn how to infuse intent and focus into your studio practice, overcome creative blocks, and create art that resonates deeply with your mission.

  3. Master Story-Driven Marketing: Develop strategies to naturally convey your mission through effective marketing, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and open doors to new opportunities and increased art sales.

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