New Book for Artists Reveals How to Understand and Manage Your Inner Critic, Gain Confidence, and Live Your Best Creative Life!

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As artists, we are our worst critics and oftentimes our mindset gets in the way of our success. In Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully! The Artist's Wellness Journey to Confidence and Success, we share strategies to help you understand your inner critic so that you take on higher risks, gain confidence, and experience success.

In each chapter, Dr. Yanina Gomez teaches practical strategies to overcome thoughts and beliefs that are depleting your energy, mental space, time, and disrupting your creative flow.

Then, Sergio Gomez provides his response to Dr. Yanina’s advice, shares personal stories, and unpacks how these strategies are relevant to your creative success.

Lastly, through insightful self-reflection exercises, you’ll experience a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, personal growth, and ultimately, a healthier lifestyle.

The Artist's Wellness Journey to Confidence and Success

Free yourself, maximize your creativity and live fully!

In this book, you will learn . . .

  • Practical strategies to overcome self-sabotage that's depleting your energy, mental space, time, and disrupting your creative flow.
  • Ways to free yourself from negative thinking that leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Things you can do to improve self-trust, move forward and live your life to the fullest.
  • How you can tweak your mindset, become more confident, and maximize creativity.
  • Insightful self-reflection exercises that guide you on a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, personal growth, and ultimately, a healthier lifestyle.
  • And more life-changing strategies!

You only live once. Would you rather spend your life letting unhealthy thoughts defeat you or becoming the artist you deserve to be? 

Artists who invest in their wellness learn to trust themselves and move forward.  All because, day after day, they choose to believe success is possible, take action, and live fully. 

Meet the Authors

As a psychologist and wife of a successful artrepreneur, Dr. Yanina Gomez understands the struggles artists experience as they navigate the complex art world. As an artist, curator, coach, and gallery owner, Sergio Gomez knows first-hand the challenges involved in building a successful art career. In Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully!, the authors share their insights and experience to empower you to boost your confidence and live your best life.

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Praise For Crush Self-Sabotage & Live Fully!

If you are a visual artist at any level in your career, you will want to read this valuable resource. Dr. Yanina lays out in very concise and practical terms the strategies to tackle the real hurdles we artists experience—hurdles that are products of our mindsets. The down-to-earth perspective of Sergio’s experience with how he faces negative mindsets as an artist himself is powerful and illuminating.  

This book is all about empowering us as artists to take action to live! As a professional artist for over thirty years, I am so relieved that I have Crush Self-Sabotage & Live Fully! as a treasured guide going forward!

Christine Blair, MFA 
Visual Artist


There are many wellness methods available to help with our general daily health, but none deal with the artistic temperament and well-being directly—until now. Crush Self-Sabotage & Live Fully! The Artist’s Wellness Journey to Confidence and Success provides understanding of the artistic mindset and reveals how to carefully connect the creative synapses so that we artists are prepared emotionally and mentally before we step into our studios. This book will be the first thing you read each day and the very last thing you’ll read at night.

Drew Harris 
Visual Artist


Dr. Yanina and Sergio Gomez share a heartfelt passion for supporting artists as well-rounded professionals. While they teach artists how to build a successful and financially viable business, they are just as concerned that artists thrive as individuals who enjoy a balanced life. I trust their guidance because it is based on experience and not theory. They have helped hundreds of artists achieve success on their terms. Passion, caring, and expertise—Dr. Yanina and Sergio Gomez have the qualities that make Crush Self-Sabotage & Live Fully a worthwhile and insightful read.

Carrie Lannon, BA
Founder and Principal, Lannon Consulting
Former Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., The Armory Show


Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully is a practical, comprehensible, and effective approach to the fears and blocks artists might encounter. Collaboration with a practicing artist makes the discussion complete. This is a helpful guide for artists at any level.

Joyce C. Morishita, PhD
Professor Emeritus


Tired of the nagging voices in your head that say you are not enough—that your art isn’t good enough? The power of this thoughtful and practical guide to ending self-sabotage resides in the authors’ belief in artists. Born out of their own lived experiences, Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully! is written in a warm and engaging conversational style. Dr. Yanina Gomez and Sergio Gomez offer richly illustrated examples and approaches that we can turn to time and again. It shows us how to enhance our positivity and reframe our mindset to experience freedom from self-doubt and the grip of a well-intentioned inner critic gone rogue so we may flourish as the healthy creative human beings we already are. 

Jennifer Pazienza, PhD
Artist and Educator


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