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"The unique support community and education provided by Art Nxt Level helps validate your art career, and turn it into a real and growing thing. You get out of it only what you put into it. I have found it to be an enormous resource for feedback and support. " 

-Elise Wagner, Member since 2018

"Art Nxt Level Academy is not only a place to learn, but also a supportive community. I have met a number of talented artists - some already in person, and have become good friends with several people from around the world. " 

-Inna Malostovker, Member since 2019

"As someone that may be considered a senior artist, ANL has brought forward a whole new approach to marketing my work, engagement with like minded individuals and now, some very solid friendships, of which, I am forever grateful." 

-Drew Harris, Member since 2020

" Art, being a huge industry, is a complex system of teams and communities. I don’t want to miss the rewards of being involved. The Academy helps to introduce myself and be a part of  the artworld. " 

-Dimitri Pavlotsky, Member since 2020

Member Interviews

The Art of Asking: A Lesson from a Gallery Encounter

Feb 14, 2024

Art Nxt Level Group Exhibitions

Small Works Challenge 2021

Each year, a group of artists from around the world, working alongside artist/curator Sergio Gomez to create a new series or edition of small works of art. For ten weeks, the members of the group shared with each other their progress, challenges, and insights about their work. Some of these artists are known for the larger scale work, making this challenge more meaningful. To culminate the challenge, each artist creates a marketing campaign and an online or in-person release. This online show showcases a selection of artists participating in this year’s Art NXT Level Small Works Challenge.

OPENING Group Exhibition

The exhibition titled "OPENING" explores the many ways we see ourselves, our surroundings, and our psychological state after a season of global lockdowns. This online exhibition features a wide selection of works by the international art community of the Art NXT Level program. Through their art and stories, this group of artists shares how their work and our world have changed. Curated by Sergio Gomez.