Hello, and welcome!

I’m excited you have chosen me to discuss your artistic ambitions and I am sure, that together, we’ll go from strength, to an even greater artistic strength beginning with our time together.

As visual artists, a gentle and objective “general critique” of our work and our art practice can help clarify and determine what we ourselves are unable to see at that particular moment in our art and art careers. This might be an issue with an important narrative in our work, or perhaps, in the methods and materials we utilize in telling our visual story. An art career involves a myriad of creative challenges, and when we communicate these challenges with one another, we find solutions that otherwise might be overlooked.

Session Objectives

In our session, we will address your studio practice, creative blocks and successes, the narrative in your work, commissioned art, a myriad of methods and materials, and preparation of your work for exhibition, shipping nationally or internationally. Dialogue and specific questions are encouraged.

Our time together is intended as a fact-finding discussion in regards to what might be, or might not be working in your careers as artists and to share ideas openly and honestly. This is not a professional critique, merely a means for you the artist to dialogue new ideas and new methods with a professional colleague.

All sessions are confidential, one to one and are meant to spark new exploration and creativity in your studio practice. 

About Drew

Drew Harris is an internationally recognized, working visual artist, graphic designer, and writer with over 40 years of experience. Harris has exhibited globally and boasts an impressive selection of Corporate and Private collections.

Drew is a strong believer in mentoring and openly sharing our experience with other artists, whether these artists are just beginning, mid-career or seasoned professionals so that we achieve continued success and well-deserved recognition in our artistic careers.

Harris operates a studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


“Drew recently provided me with feedback on a current body of work via Zoom. I appreciated that he took the time to research my earlier work using my website and Instagram posts. He helped me more clearly understand the audience for my work and, in that context, he was able to recommend some next steps to challenge me and progress toward my goals. The art world is more complex than I initially imagined, and this conversation helped me to sharpen my focus. Having a solid plan for my next works allows me to move forward with greater confidence.”

-Marion Flanagan, Artist


“You create art with your heart and hands. Drew Harris can give you a hand up and share with you his lifetime of creative experience. Drew knows how to paint and he also know-how ‘to do’ all the everyday details that will bring your creations to notice. Sharing is what makes Drew so unique in the arts. What he wants for himself he wants for others too. His generosity of spirit is unmatched.” 

Dana Boettger, Artist




How Much Does It Cost?

$200 per 1-hour individual session ($150 for current members of the Art NXT Level Academy)


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