From Your Studio to the World Challenge.

Gain the Exposure Your Art Deserves.

with Sergio & Dr. Yanina Gomez

Starts April 11, 2022

Gain Confidence

Each week, for 10 weeks, Sergio, Dr. Yanina will teach proven ways to gain recognition and exposure for your art.

Get Exposure

You will learn how to make the most of every artwork, including shows, galleries, NFTs, prints, press and more.

Increase Sales

Learn how to raise funding for art projects. Optimize your marketing to increase sales, and gain new collectors. 

You want to increase exposure for your art and have more opportunities to show, sale and find new collectors but you know how hard it is to get noticed. Therefore, you have to join our challenge From Your Studio to the World and learn the best strategies on how to do it. 

This is the perfect time to learn how to get more exposure for your art and earn the visibility normally reserved for top artists

Good news! These tools and strategies are now available to you. Registering today!

From Your Studio to the World Challenge

This 10-week challenge (Starting April 11) is for the serious artist who wants to increase exposure for their art online, galleries, NFTs, art fairs, museums and institutions. If you want to gain recognition, get written about and learn how to finance your projects, this challenge is for you. 

In trouble times like these, what you need is a trusted community to be there for you. Join an international group of artists guided by Sergio & Dr. Yanina Gomez. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.



How Does the Challenge Work?

The first step is to register in the Art NXT Level Academy. As a student-member, you have full access to this challenge and all resources available in the Academy.

Once you join, you will receive a welcome message from Sergio with instructions to join our private Facebook Group where you will meet other artists from around the world also participating in the challenge. The challenge begins the week of April 11, 2022

Every week, for ten weeks, you have access to a video challenge in the Academy's website. Join our weekly live Facebook Q/A sessions to get your questions answered by Sergio or Dr. Yanina. Sign up to share your art at one of our weekly Group Studio Visits in Zoom. It is an easy step-by-step challenge designed for the busy artist.

"Your art can exist in many forms:  Online shows, galleries, art fairs, publications, prints, NFTs, and more.  I want to teach you how you can maximize each opportunity."

Here's what you'll learn inside the Art Business Growth Challenge...

We will host the video presentations from our member-only website. Conversations, Special Guests, Q/A’s and interactions happen inside a private Facebook Group. You can access this information from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

  • Week 1. Building Self-Confidence in a Changing World. In this module, Dr. Yanina shares tips to help you shift your focus from what’s out of your control to what you can actually control so that you can make choices that feed your passion, and make you feel happy and proud of who you are.
  • Week 2. Brand Self Assessment. A brand is simply how people remember you. You will do a branding self-assessment to check if you are communicating with a clear message or if you are confusing your audience.
  • Week 3. Social Media Workflow. Are you feeling overwhelmed with so many social media platforms? Is it taking too much of your precious studio time to keep up with them? In this session, Sergio teaches social media workflows to help you plan your content, stay organized, and most importantly, save time.
  • Week 4. Step-by-Step to Sell Prints of Your Art. Learn how to easily offer prints of your art and how to market them in a way that helps increase your visibility and bring more attention to your originals.
  • Week 5. Step-by-Step to Creating NFTs. Discover the NFT market and learn how to best make your NFTs, grow an audience, and start selling your art in this space. Do not get left behind.
  • Week 6. Sponsors, Barter, and Supporters. Get template letters for corporate sponsorships, barter exchange of goods/services, and personal support. All you have to do is adapt them to your situation and you are on your way. This will save you tons of time.
  • Week 7. Secrets of Writing Winning Proposals. Learn or fine-tune the art of writing amazing proposals for your exhibitions, projects, or ideas so that you can get ahead of the game.
  • Week 8. Get Press the Right Way. Learn the ins and outs of writing press releases that others want to publish. You will prepare a top-notch Press Kit that is ready to open up opportunities for you.
  • Week 9. How to Approach Galleries, Museums, and Institutions. Get template letters to approach galleries, institutions, and curators. Learn insightful ways to help you get in front of art world influencers.
  • Week 10. How to Work with Art Consultants, Designers, and Participate in Art Fairs. Remove the guessing work of working with the design industry. Explore Art Fair venues and decide if this is the right move for you.

Challenge Begins April 11, 2022

Have you been wondering if NFTs are for you?

During the From Your Studio to the World Challenge, I will teach you why and how to make NFTs. I will share with you how I'm making NFTs a profitable income stream.

As a bonus, I will give you access to my course NFTs for Traditional Artist where you will get everything you need to get started on your NFTs. Every week, I will answer your NFT questions during my live Q/A sessions.

What are you waiting for? Register today!

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Elise Wagner, USA

"The unique support community and education provided by Art Nxt Level helps validate your art career, and turn it into a real and growing thing. You get out of it only what you put into it. I have found it to be an enormous resource for feedback and support."

Drew Harris, Malaysia

"Art Next Level allowed me to revise what it was I was attempting to do in my career, in as far as marketing and marketing methods. Building a website to begin with was a big step for me as I had simply forgotten the importance of such a marketing tool. Instagram, FB, LinkedIn, all great means to help spread the word."

 Frequently Asked Questions...

  • I am busy. How much time does it require to take the challenge? Great question. The challenge is designed for busy artists. Each weekly video is no more than 30 minutes. Some weeks you may get done faster than others but in general, if you have at least 1.5 hours per week to dedicate to your business, this is for you.
  • What if I am traveling or cannot participate on a given week? Perhaps you have a show coming up or need to take time off for business or personal reasons. Good news! All the materials get archived in our member's website. You can come back where you left of and continue working towards your art business.
  • Can I access the challenge from my phone? Totally! You can access all the content 24/7 from your computer or mobile device. Our community meets in a Facebook private group you can access anytime.
  • I'm not in the United States. How does the information apply to me? Great question. The business principles we teach are universal. Social media is the same everywhere. Every concept we teach is applicable. Tactics differ from place to place and artist to artist. Those we discuss in the group so everyone can take action.  
  • Do my Art NXT Level Academy's membership dues cancel automatically once the Challenge ends? No, your membership doesn't cancel automatically once the challenge ends. This is an auto-renewal membership that continues after the Challenge ends until you cancel it (which is quite easy to do). Although we would love for you to stay for a long time, you can cancel at any time.
  • I am already a member of the Art NXT Level Academy. Do I need to sign up to join the challenge? No, you do not. Art NXT Level students have access to all our Challenges. All you have to do is wait until January to start the challenge. Keep an eye on our weekly news email!
  • Have more questions? Email us at [email protected].

About Sergio Gomez

Sergio is a visual artist, curator of the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, owner of 33 Contemporary Gallery and has shown his artwork in over 200 shows in galleries and museums in 10 different countries. See his work at Follow him on Instagram @sergiogomezart

About Dr. Yanina Gomez

Dr. Yanina is an author, mindset and emotional wellness expert and co founder of the Art NXT Level. Visit her webite at

Join the Challenge by becoming an Art NXT Level member.

You will have access to our virtual coaching, emotional wellness resources, proven Challenges, art-business courses, and ALL the bonus resources listed in this page! Invest today in your art career. Your future Self will thank you for it.

The Art NXT Level Academy is an auto-renew membership program. You may cancel your membership at any time.

 Use Code: STUDIO22 and get $20 off your first month

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