Being an artist can be challenging...

Artist Survival Kit: Organization and productivity guide

Artist Survival Kit: Organization and Productivity Guide.

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We provide answers, resources and support for your biggest challenges as an artist (exposure, recognition and sales) through an online membership community you can always count on.

"Art NXT Level has aided in helping me refocus and build a new base for my art and the business of my work. The courses and input from other artist keep me engaged. I look forward to continued growth with this group of exceptional Artist and Professionals." 

– N Masani Landfair 

"It is so valuable to have this support system! All my questions are answered regarding my art career, without having to seek out resources. I also am very grateful for the insight and encouragement of others. As an artist, I am very appreciative of what this has offered. There are many other benefits as well, networking, art opportunites shared - too many to mention! It is a blessing in my life." 

–Jan Glazar 

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I started my career within the last few years. I am building my portfolio, website and career from the ground up and I am looking for organizational tools, art opportunities (residencies, projects, fairs), marketing ideas and produce sales.

I have been an artist for a while. I have had group and solo shows and looking to expand my career to bigger and better opportunities. I want tools to manage my career and meet curators, galleries, collectors and consultants to build a sustainable career. 

I have had many group and solo shows. I understand how things work in the art world but I want to expand my career and establish myself for the long run. I am looking to increase my network for museum opportunities and create income streams for the future.

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