Advance your art career with efficient tools, professional advice and wellness support. 

Strategy + Confidence + Network = Results 

We believe every artist can experience greater success but lacking guidance and support often results in frustration and lack of confidence. If you ever felt overwhelmed by all the things you ought to know to manage your art career, you are not alone. 

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“Making great work in the studio is just not enough. Today's artists require a level of business strategy, networking savviness and technical knowledge like never before to successfully navigate the complicated and changing art world."

Sergio Gomez, MFA

Art NXT Level Co-Founder

Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner, Creative Entrepreneur

“Having a like-minded support system who has gone through what you're going through and whose mindset is at par with yours is a priceless asset all thriving artists must have!"

Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

Art NXT Level Co-Founder

Psychologist & Mindset Strategist

Simply put, the Art NXT Level Strategic Group combines professional development resources, a supportive community of driven artists who are determined to succeed in their art career and a platform to share with peers your professional struggles, gains and experiences.

"As an artist myself, I have overcome many obstacles and understand how difficult it can be to gain respect, recognition, exposure and sales.

As a curator, gallery owner, speaker and business entrepreneur, I can tell you with confidence, it can be done. 

Together, we can close the gap and reach your next level."

Sergio Gomez

"The Art NXT Level Strategic Group is an essential and invaluable platform for artists who are committed to taking the next level in their art career. It provides highly relevant information to connect, grow and share valuable knowledge. In the community, we (artists) are growing together in our personal career. I am based in Germany. As I work at national and international levels, the community is there for me to support my work progress, facilitate my business and generate detailed information. Being a member of this community has become an essential part of my daily international networking focus. And, it also saves me time and energy." 

Petronilla Hohenwarter, Artist

Here's how you can close the gap to your next level

1. Join the Art NXT Level Strategic Group.

2. Tell us where you are and where you want to be in your art career so that together, we can develop a Plan of Action.

3. Access a growing library of professional development training videos and mindset/emotional wellness resources. 

4. Connect with our exclusive community of like-minded driven artists.

5. Be an active participant and increase your professional network.

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