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Are you facing these common challenges?

  • Financial Instability: Struggling to sell your artwork at its true value or to achieve a consistent income can leave you feeling undervalued and unsure about your future in the art world.
  • Time Management Difficulties: Balancing studio time with life‚Äôs demands and the necessities of marketing and business can be overwhelming, often leading to burnout and stifled creativity.
  • Marketing & Exposure: Finding effective ways to promote your work and gain the recognition you deserve can be daunting, especially in a market as vast and competitive as the art industry.

If these challenges resonate with you, know that you are not alone. Many artists face these same barriers to success, seeking solutions that will empower their careers and enhance their artistic expression.

Unlock Your Full Potential

At Art NXT Level, we're not just about providing resources; we're about creating transformative experiences that elevate your entire art career. Here's the value we bring to every artist who joins our community:

  • Empowerment Through Expertise: Gain confidence as you navigate the art world with the guidance of experienced mentors who understand both the creative and business sides of art.
  • Achieve Financial Freedom: We help you understand the art market better, enabling you to price your work appropriately and discover new income streams.¬†
  • Optimized Time Management: Reclaim your time with tools and strategies that streamline your workflow and help you balance creation with life‚Äôs other responsibilities.¬†
  • Increased Visibility and Connections: Leverage our network to gain the exposure and opportunities you need.¬†
  • Community Support: Join a thriving community of like-minded artists who support and inspire each other. In our community, you'll find not just collaborators and peers, but friends who encourage your growth and share your artistic journey.

At Art NXT Level, we provide more than just tools‚ÄĒwe offer a pathway to transforming your artistic aspirations into tangible successes, ensuring you thrive both personally and professionally in the art world.

Meet Your Guides at Art NXT Level

At Art NXT Level, we understand the multifaceted challenges of a thriving art career because we've lived them. Founded by Sergio Gomez and Dr. Yanina Gomez, our mission is to empower artists like you to turn your artistic aspirations into tangible successes.

Sergio Gomez ‚ÄĒ a prolific artist with over 45 solo exhibitions and 150 group shows worldwide, understands the artist's journey firsthand. As a successful gallery owner of 33 Contemporary Gallery for 20 years and curator of the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago for 10 years, Sergio has unique insights into the art market. From creation to exhibition and collection, his extensive experience in how art moves and sells provides invaluable knowledge to our community. Coupled with years of marketing expertise and global coaching, Sergio is uniquely positioned to guide artists towards achieving recognition and success.

Dr. Yanina Gomez ‚ÄĒ a psychologist specializing in mindset and wellness, brings a deep understanding of the psychological barriers that artists face. As an author and co-author of the influential book "Crush Self-Sabotage," she focuses on helping artists overcome mindset blocks and see beyond their perceived limitations. Her expertise ensures that Art NXT Level artists not only excel in their craft but also in their mental and emotional well-being.

Together, along with guest coaches like Drew Harris, an internationally accomplished artist known for his extensive experience and global collections, we offer a blend of emotional health, business acumen, and studio practices unmatched by any other program.

What We Offer ‚ÄĒ Our artists enjoy exclusive access to a supportive community, personalized coaching, opportunities for exhibitions, and much more. At Art NXT Level, we are dedicated to providing you with the tools and support needed to navigate the complexities of the art world and achieve lasting success.

Join us at Art NXT Level, where your artistic journey transforms into career success, under the guidance of those who have mastered the art of thriving in this dynamic field.

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Elise Wagner

"The unique support community and education provided by Art Nxt Level helps validate your art career, and turn it into a real and growing thing. You get out of it only what you put into it. I have found it to be an enormous resource for feedback and support." 

Inna Malostovker

"Art Nxt Level Academy is not only a place to learn, but also a supportive community. I have met a number of talented artists - some already in person, and have become good friends with several people from around the world." 

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Sergio's Story

Hello and warmest greetings, I am Sergio Gomez, an American artist with roots in the vibrant culture of Mexico City and a professional base spanning Chicago and Miami. As we delve into my world of art, I invite you into a story marked by dedication, discovery, and deep transformation.

My artistic journey began in the bustling streets of Mexico City, where life's complex tapestry first captured my imagination. It was during my freshman year in college that I met a practicing artist who introduced me to the real possibility of pursuing art as a career. This encounter sparked a flame that would grow over the next decade through rigorous formal education in painting and drawing, where I dedicated myself to mastering my craft.

Despite earning a Masters in Art, I found myself at a crossroads, juggling the dream of creating with the necessity of supporting my family. This led me to a marketing agency, where I spent my days in a corporate world far removed from the studio. While this time provided valuable lessons in marketing and branding, it also left a void, a yearning to return to my true passion. 

In search of fulfillment, I took a bold step by enrolling in an MFA program at Northern Illinois University, commuting extensively and sacrificing much, yet gaining invaluable connections and mentorship. This period of intense dedication culminated in pivotal achievements: earning my MFA, opening 33 Contemporary Gallery, stepping into a curatorial role at the Zhou B Art Center, and establishing a significant studio presence in Chicago. 

My experiences taught me that success is about perspective‚ÄĒviewing each situation as an opportunity for growth. This understanding propelled me to help others navigate their paths in the art world, leading to the creation of the "Artist NXT Level" program. Here, I combine decades of artistic practice and insights into a coaching platform designed to guide artists through their professional journeys.

In my studio, I explore themes of life's cyclical nature and spiritual awareness, attempting to bridge the human experience with the spiritual. This pursuit reflects my lifelong quest to understand the deeper connections of our existence.

Now, I extend an invitation to you. Bring your story, your aspirations, and join us at Art NXT Level, where your artistic journey can intersect with a community that values growth, perspective, and collective success. Let's weave our narratives together, creating a tapestry of artistic expression that not only celebrates individual achievement but enriches the broader art community.

Join me, and let's transform your artistic aspirations into tangible results, together.

Sergio Gomez, MFA

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Bonus Challenges Included

Our Membership gives you exclusive access to all these challenges and more.

Art Business Growth Challenge

A transformative challenge focusing on art sales, organization, marketing, and exposure. Refine your sales strategies, streamline organization for efficiency, craft personalized marketing plans, and explore avenues for artistic exposure. Elevate your art business and thrive in today's competitive market. 

Mastering Prints Sales for Artists Challenge

This comprehensive journey from A to Z teaches you how to select the ideal works, create stunning prints, and effectively market your collections, transforming your already created art into a steady stream of passive income.

Art Pricing Mastery Challenge

This course offers invaluable insights into aligning your prices with the right market, effectively communicating your work's value, and negotiating with confidence. You'll gain the skills to price your artwork confidently, and negotiate with assurance. 

Trusting Myself Once and For All! 5 Strategies to Boost Self-Confidence

Learn essential strategies with Dr. Yanina Gomez to overcome self-doubt and cultivate unshakable confidence. From crushing impostor beliefs to maintaining positivity, comparing progress, focusing on growth, and embracing lifelong learning, each lesson equips you with practical tools for self-empowerment. 

Creating a Body of Work Challenge

This challenge is designed to guide you through planning, creating, releasing, selling, and exhibiting your next art series or collection. Each week, gain valuable insights on building confidence, setting up your studio, crafting engaging marketing materials, and strategically marketing your collection for sales and exhibitions. 

7 Steps to Creating a Killer Exhibition Proposal

This video course guides you through proven strategies, from initiating research to crafting winning proposals. With practical advice and effective strategies, Sergio empowers you to design proposals with excitement and efficiency, create essential supporting materials, and identify galleries and institutions eager to review your work. 

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Special Bonuses Included

Weekly Instagram Marketing Guide

ūüöÄ Elevate your Instagram game and spend more time in the studio! Get a weekly marketing guide that's your key to saving time and boosting engagement. Receive recommendations for what to post from Monday to Friday, complete with Reel Templates that make content creation a breeze.


ūüďö Keep the learning momentum going! Each month, unlock a brand-new training video designed to advance your art career. Gain valuable insights and build confidence, taking your journey to the next level after completing the Challenge.

Exhibition Opportunities

ūüĆź Showcase your art to the world! As a member, you'll have the opportunity to submit your artwork for our online or in-person exhibitions curated by Sergio Gomez and guest curators. The best part? There are no submission fees, making it even more accessible for you to shine.

Video Testimonials

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  • Emotional¬†wellness¬†support from Dr. Yanina Gomez...¬†(Priceless!!)
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  • Members-Only Calls for Art Exhibit Submissions... ($150)

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