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The Art NXT Level is a premier online coaching program helping artists to boost confidence, sell more art, and experience success in their own terms.

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In a world where artists are often left to navigate their careers alone, they face a myriad of challenges.

The uncertainty of how to market and sell their work effectively, the lack of opportunities for exhibitions, and the struggle to manage their studio and body of work effectively often leave them feeling overwhelmed.

Add to this, the isolation that many artists experience and the pressure to stay positive and motivated can lead to mental fatigue and hinder their artistic journey.

At The Artist Next Level, we understand these struggles because we've been there ourselves.

Our experienced coaches, who are artists, marketers, and wellness experts, have walked in your shoes.

They've overcome these challenges and are here to guide you through.

With our comprehensive membership program, we provide a nurturing platform to overcome your biggest challenges. This is how:

  • Expert Coaching: Our coaches offer tailored guidance in marketing, sales, and studio management, helping you build a thriving art career. They also provide mindset and wellness support, helping you stay motivated and confident.
  • Learning Opportunities: We provide a library of resources and courses tailored to artists at different career stages. By taking our courses, you can expand your skills and knowledge in various facets of an art career.
  • Community Support: As part of our membership, you join a community of like-minded artists. This network acts as a support system, helping you to never feel alone in your journey. You can exchange ideas, get feedback, and build relationships with other artists.
  • Accountability: Our regular Q/A sessions and activities keep you engaged and accountable, ensuring steady progress in your art career.
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Embark on a transformative journey that will help you grow a successful art career that you are excited to wake up to every morning.

Without expert guidance, the path to a successful art career can be overwhelming. You may find yourself feeling stuck, struggling to market and sell your art, or securing exhibitions.

The isolation of this journey can often lead to dwindling motivation and creativity, impacting not just your career, but your passion for art.

By joining the Artist Next Level, you gain more than just a membership—you gain a community and a comprehensive platform for growth.

Our expert coaching and resources propel your career forward, giving you the confidence to navigate your artistic journey. You're not just growing professionally, but also personally, learning essential business acumen and mindset strategies.

Most importantly, you're never alone. You become part of a vibrant, supportive community that's with you at every step of your art career.

Meet Our Coaches

Sergio Gomez, MFA

As an internationally renowned artist, curator, gallery owner, and co-founder of the Art NXT Level Academy, Sergio Gomez brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to his role as a coach. Sergio's work has graced galleries and museums worldwide, lending him a global perspective on the art world. But what truly sets him apart is his belief in the power of individual artists.

He sees each artist as a messenger with a unique story to share, and his mission is to help them do just that. By sharing his understanding of art marketing and career development, Sergio empowers artists to reach new heights of success and impact.

Yanina Gomez, Ph.D

Dr. Yanina Gomez merges the worlds of psychology and art to help artists achieve balance and wellness. As a psychologist, author, speaker, and co-founder of the Art NXT Level Academy, she has an acute understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges artists often face. This knowledge allows her to create practical resources that promote a healthy mindset and overall wellness for artists.

Dr. Yanina firmly believes that when artists nurture their mind, body, and soul, they can live more fulfilling lives and make a significant impact in the world. With each workshop, program, and resources she develops, she aims to support artists in their personal and professional development.

Drew Harris

With over 40 years of experience as an internationally acclaimed visual artist, graphic designer, and writer, Drew Harris brings a vast range of expertise to the coaching team. His work, admired in corporate and private collections around the globe, adds an international flavor to his mentoring style. Drew's dedication to sharing his experience and knowledge embodies the essence of The Artist Next Level's community approach.

From emerging artists to seasoned professionals, Drew provides invaluable guidance to help artists gain recognition and sustain success in their careers. Despite operating a studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, his mentorship knows no boundaries.

Take back control of your art career and focus on your creative purpose.

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See your confidence grow, witness opportunities unfold, and transform your passion into a thriving art career.

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Elise Wagner

"The unique support community and education provided by Art Nxt Level helps validate your art career, and turn it into a real and growing thing. You get out of it only what you put into it. I have found it to be an enormous resource for feedback and support." 

Inna Malostovker

"Art Nxt Level Academy is not only a place to learn, but also a supportive community. I have met a number of talented artists - some already in person, and have become good friends with several people from around the world." 

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Now is your moment to seize control of your art career. Don’t let uncertainty and isolation hold you back. Choose growth, choose community, choose success. Join The Artist Next Level and embark on a transformative journey that's tailored to empower you. Surround yourself with expertise, nurture your creativity, and unlock your full potential in the art world. Don't wait, your next level is just a click away. Join us today!

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Top features

  • Access to our monthly Marketing Masterclass.
  • Weekly marketing guidance and support with the Marketing Calendar.
  • Access to our entire library of courses.
  • Access to our exclusive community.
  • Weekly Live Q/A where you can ask questions.
  • Emotional wellness support from Dr. Yanina Gomez.
  • Monthly artists meet-ups via Zoom.
  • BONUS access to all our challenges.

NXT Annual Membership


Top features

  • Access to our monthly Marketing Masterclass.
  • Weekly marketing guidance and support with the Marketing Calendar.
  • Access to our entire library of courses.
  • Access to our exclusive community.
  • Weekly Live Q/A where you can ask questions.
  • Emotional wellness support from Dr. Yanina Gomez.
  • Monthly artists meet-ups via Zoom.
  • BONUS access to all our challenges.

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Perhaps you have been following Sergio on Instagram @sergiogomezart and have been considering working with us. He has built a successful creative career of his own, and we look forward to showing you how you can thrive as a working artist too.

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