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The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

Hosted by: Sergio Gomez

Inspiring artists to take control of their art career. Hosted by Sergio Gomez, The Artist Next Level Podcasts features interviews with successful artists, art professionals, and provides practical advice to take your...


Artist Darryll Schiff takes the camera well beyond its conventions

Season #4 Episode #135

Within a few short years, following his decision to focus solely on his fine art career, Darryll Schiff became an internationally recognized artist.  His work appears in the collections of many private collectors and...
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Art, dance and inspiration with choreographer Laura Thurston

Season #4 Episode #134

Laura is also thrilled to share her artistic visions as a choreographer with Still Inspired(?). She independently co-produces Still Inspired(?) and is honored to produce the show’s fourth installment in the beautiful...
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Identity and personhood in the hands of Alejandra Zermeño

Season #4 Episode #133

Alejandra Zermeño conducts studies in Visual Arts Degree with an average position in the High Academic Performance Program at the Academy of San Carlos, UNAM. From 2006 to 2008 she completes her Master studies with...
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