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The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

Hosted by: Sergio Gomez

Inspiring artists to take control of their art career. Hosted by Sergio Gomez, The Artist Next Level Podcasts features interviews with successful artists, art professionals, and provides practical advice to take your...


Making 2019 Your Best Year Ever

Season #4 Episode #148

As we get started with the new year, have you taken the time to plan and THINK about the new year?  In this episode I talk about planning and spending time thinking for the new year.  This is an episode you do not...
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My visit to Art Basel Miami Beach 2018

Season #4 Episode #147

Every year, I take time in my schedule to visit Art Basel Miami Beach and many of the other art fairs gather in Miami for that week. Everything from shows, art, people and more, Art Basel is a destination for...
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Sarah Opat talks about why artists should have their work written about

Season #4 Episode #146

I spent 25 minutes with artist and writer Sarah Opat talking about writing about art. This is something she is super passionate about. In the episode we discuss why artists should have their work written about and...
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How to find international opportunities for your art

Season #4 Episode #145

In this episode Sergio talks about one strategy to adopt when looking for international opportunities for your art. In 2018, Sergio was subject of four solo museum shows in three different countries. He talks about...
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Pia Cruzalegui talks about launching Twisted Oyster Film Festival

Season #4 Episode #144

Twisted Oyster is an annual theme-based and socially conscious festival showcasing stories and works of human interest. At the core of the festival lies community engagement and social inclusion with a mission to...
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A conversation about collaborations with Satellite - Chicago

Season #4 Episode #143

In this episode I have a great chat with the brand new art space Satellite - Chicago in the eve of their debut opening their space to the public. This group of four young emerging artists and creatives share their...
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How to evaluate your art career and plan for the future

Season #4 Episode #142

November is the perfect time to take a minute to evaluate your art career and start planning for the next year. Often we wait till January to plan ahead. Understanding how you used your time and the results you got...
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Why sometimes artists need a break

Season #4 Episode #141

Sometimes you need a break from an art project or an activity you may be currently doing. Giving yourself permission to stop is the first step in moving to a happier place.
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National Park Art Residencies with artist Fred Moss

Season #4 Episode #141

Born and raised in the Chicago area Fred Moss was drawing and sketching the world around him from an early age. He grew up visiting the Chicago Art Institute, often admiring the outstanding impressionistic and...
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Katherine Macnaughton & Ashley Werhun take mentorship to the next level (Mentorly.co)

Season #4 Episode #140

Mentorly was Co-founded by artist-entrepreneurs, Ashley Werhun, professional dancer formerly with Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal and Katherine Macnaughton, Filmmaker and Co-founder of Bis Films. Both are working artists...
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Dr. Elaine M. Schmidt talks about collecting and curating

Season #4 Episode #139

Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt spent her work career facilitating the education of younger students.  As teacher and administrator she was involved in creating learning environments for students with special learning...
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Artist Doug Frohman and his curatorial project Vitality Rising

Season #4 Episode #138

Doug Frohman is a contemporary artist working in Chicago. His explorations into painting draw upon minimalist, color-field and architectural influences. Painted primarily in oil and encaustic with a cement trowel, he...
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