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The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

Hosted by: Sergio Gomez

Inspiring artists to take control of their art career. Hosted by Sergio Gomez, The Artist Next Level Podcasts features interviews with successful artists, art professionals, and provides practical advice to take your...


Building a sustainable art career with sculptor Ian Edwards

Season #5 Episode #178

Sculpture and Sculptors at Red Rag Artist: Ian EDWARDS Ian Edwards was born in 1974. At the age of 16 he commenced a five year apprenticeship specialising in ornamental woodcarving. During his training Ian's love for...
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Sergio's Top 5 Apps to Dominate Social Media in 2019-20

Season #5 Episode #177

Hey, let me share with you my current top 5 apps I use to manage my social media for my artist brand, art academy and art gallery. I will tell you what they do and why I love them. If you are serious about mastering...
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Selling Art Online with Saatchi Art's Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson

Season #5 Episode #176

Rebecca Wilson is Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art. She was formerly a Director at the Saatchi Gallery, London, where she was instrumental in the launch of the gallery's online presence. In 2007 she...
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Dos and Don'ts of Art Collaborations

Season #5 Episode #175

Have you ever collaborated with others in your art career? In this episode Sergio talks about dos and don'ts when thinking of collaborating with others and the reason why you may want to a add a collaboration to your...
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Advice for Emerging Artists with Rakshit Bhatt from India

Season #5 Episode #174

Emerging artists from around the world have similar concerns and struggles. In this episode, emerging artist from India Rakshit Bhatt asks me a number of questions to help emerging artist in his countries. However,...
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What makes a family of artists with Cheryl Widener

Season #5 Episode #173

Timothy Widener is a recognized artist and teacher who shows his work world wide. The recipient of many awards including The Award of Excellence through the Society of Animal Artists as well as the National Society of...
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Art Marketing conversations with experts Andrew Purdum and Josue Pena at CarrotCon

Season #5 Episode #172

I just got back from CarrotCon 2019, a marketing conference in Chicago. During the conference I had the opportunity to sit down with two experts in Marketing. In this episode I share my conversation with Andrew Purdum...
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How to Build a Strong Artist Brand with Carrie Lannon

Season #5 Episode #171

As both a corporate leader and agency owner, Carrie Lannon has guided brands to exciting new levels of visibility in both entrepreneurial and multi-billion dollar corporate environments. Carrie has presented to...
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How to find and get in front of art collectors

Season #5 Episode #170

In this episode I share a presentation of how I strategically think about art collectors based on my experience as an artist, curator and gallery owner. 
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The one thing that continues to bring new collectors year after year.

Season #5 Episode #169

In this episode Sergio talks about turning a simple idea of challenging himself to paint small into a big promotion campaign that continues to bring new collectors to his work over and over again. In this episode you...
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Expo Chicago President Tony Karman Talks About Community Impact

Season #5 Episode #168

In this episode, Sergio Gomez chats with Tony Karman, President and Director of Expo Chicago.  EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art, today announced the premier list of...
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How to network like a pro with Dale Miller

Season #5 Episode #167

Do you want to connect with other artists, curators, gallerists or anyone else?  As you know, networking can be intimidating, difficult and honestly sometimes frustrating.   Some people seem to have the magic wand to...
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