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The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

Hosted by: Sergio Gomez

Inspiring artists to take control of their art career. Hosted by Sergio Gomez, The Artist Next Level Podcasts features interviews with successful artists, art professionals, and provides practical advice to take your...


Christybomb® Talks About How to Build a Personal Brand

Season #3 Episode #119

I am Christy Lee, better known as Christybomb, a visual artist based out of New York City and Charleston, WV. The "Christybomb" moniker was given to me by friends because of the energy and vivaciousness embodied...
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Artists Allen Vandever and Derek Hopkins on a Journey to Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Season #3 Episode #118

Childhood Fractured is a Humanities based Human Rights Initiative centered on exploring, defining, and preventing the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The foundation of this project is a series of 13...
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Take your art career to the next level with Sergio & Dr. Yanina Gomez

Season #3 Episode #117

In this podcast episode, Sergio and Dr Yanina Gomez discuss the features and benefits of the Art NXT Level program. In their conversation, they answer recently asked questions and clarify what the program is and how...
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Artist / Curator Chuck Gniech and The Art of Social Change

Season #3 Episode #116

Charles Gniech is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Joliet Junior College and has been teaching at various colleges and universities for more then twenty-five years. Chuck served as Curator for the galleries...
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From Attorney to full-time artist, Justin Vining on building a sustainable art career from the ground up.

Season #3 Episode #115

In this episode, artist Justin Vining shares his story of going through Law School and building a sustainable art career from the ground up.  Justin Vining is an Indianapolis-based artist, specializing in landscapes...
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Artist Victoria Fuller discusses her curated show “Domestic Disturbances” at UIMA

Season #3 Episode #114

Chicago artist Victoria Fuller has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and fellowship awards from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, and the Illinois Arts Council. She also received...
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Fighting Procrastination. Not today... maybe tomorrow? with Sergio & Yanina Gomez

Season #3 Episode #113

In this episode, Sergio & Dr. Yanina Gomez discuss procrastination and provide four practical strategies to get things done. Often it is the mundane, boring or tedious tasks that as artists we put away for later....
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Ted Glasoe and Nelson Armour. Two artists on a mission to save Lake Michigan

Season #3 Episode #112

Surface Tension: Beauty and Fragility in Lake Michigan A collaboration project between by Nelson Armour and Ted Glasoe It’s a beautiful summer day in Chicago. The sun beats down on the azure waters of Lake Michigan,...
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Artist Ray Beldner talks about why he started stARTup Art Fair and what it can do for independent artists

Season #3 Episode #110

stARTup Art Fair is a unique contemporary art fair for independent artists. The boutique hotel fair provides artists and art enthusiasts with direct access to the art world, in three major cities across the country:...
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Protecting Yourself from Art Scams. A conversation with Renée LaVerné Rose

Season #3 Episode #109

Are you protecting yourself from online art scams? In this episode Sergio talks to gallery owner Renée LaVerné Rose about identifying red flags and prevent possible scams to artists and galleries. Increasingly,...
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Artist Survival Kit 2017. Organization and Productivity Guide

Season #3 Episode #108

Join Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez as they share their latest free eBook resource for working artists. The Artist Survival Kit 2017: Organization and Productivity Guide will help you organize your art career and use...
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Tim & Suzanne Smith share the journey of running a thriving gallery (Sirona Fine Art)

Season #3 Episode #107

Tim and Suzanne Smith are a power couple whose career path took them from the New York art scene to open a successful art gallery in the Miami area. Sirona Fine Art is a grand showcase for artists who embrace classic...
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