On the Next Level: Nancy Natow Cassidy

On the Next Level is a series of interviews that features artists of the Art Nxt Level academy. The artists share their stories of how the academy has impacted their careers as well as share the exciting projects they have been working on. These artists have made the most of their experience and have taken their careers to the next level. In this article painter Nancy Natow Cassidy shares her latest accomplishments in her art career. 

In 2021 you had group shows, solo shows, installation projects, and art walks. Looking back, what was your favorite project of the year and what do you hope or plan to do more of this year? 

Nancy: I think my favorite project of the year was my Tar Lines Installation, because it was something I had been seeing and thinking about for a long time, and thanks to collaborative effort, was able to make a reality. It was wonderful to see people interacting with the piece, especially after being in lock-down for Covid.  I also really loved the...

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