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The Art of Asking: A Lesson from a Gallery Encounter

Feb 14, 2024

Have you ever experienced that moment when opportunity knocks, but the way you ask could either open the door wide or leave it barely ajar? Let me share a personal anecdote from my own gallery, a tale of a direct plea that captured attention but lacked the finesse needed to seal the deal.

The Bold Card and the Missed Connection

Picture this: I walk into my gallery to find a card on my desk, a message proclaiming, "Dear Mr. Gomez, here's my art, let's make lots of money." A straight-shooter, no doubt. It caught my eye, but here's the twist—it didn't land the positive response the artist sought. Why? The art of asking goes beyond being bold; it's about understanding how, when, and why.

In the realm of the artist's plea, the what was there, but the how fell short. Asking isn't just about you; it's about considering the person on the other side. What's in it for them? Timing is everything, and the approach matters. Unfortunately, this artist missed those crucial nuances, leaving...

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Painting through History: Rashmi Ghosh's Stepwells Project [Podcast 371]

Feb 12, 2024

Join hosts Sergio Gomez and Drew Harris in an insightful episode featuring researcher and mixed media artist, Rashmi Ghosh. Together, they delve into Rashmi's captivating "Descent into India’s Incredible Stepwells" project.

As Rashmi prepares for her Solo Art Exhibition in 2024 in Pune, Maharashtra, curated by Nalini Malaviya, we explore the inspiration behind the Stepwells Project and its current stage. 

In this conversation, we touch on the genesis of the project, the challenges of creating a cohesive body of work, and the exciting journey ahead. Join us as we navigate the intersection of art, history, and cultural exploration in Rashmi's artistic world. Tune in for an engaging discussion on The Artist Next Level Podcast!

About Rashmi Ghosh

Rashmi Ghosh, a Chartered Accountant by profession, transitioned from a successful career in finance to pursue her lifelong passion for visual arts, accumulating over two decades of experience in teaching. Having undertaken a Fine...

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Revolutionize Your Artistic Journey: A Morning Metamorphosis

Feb 12, 2024

Hey, fellow creatives! Let's talk about the magic that unfolds when you decide to reshape your mornings. Your art career deserves more than a caffeine-fueled dash into the chaos of the day. I get it because I've been there – immersed in the news and scrolling through social media before my eyes fully adjusted to daylight. But guess what? It was like sprinting before tying my shoelaces – disastrous and exhausting.

The Morning Reset That Transformed My Art Career

Remember those days when NPR news headlines were the first notes of your day's symphony? Or perhaps, like me, you found yourself knee-deep in the world of Facebook and Instagram updates before even grabbing breakfast. It was my routine, but it left me feeling like I was perpetually playing catch-up. I realized I needed to shift the narrative.

I waved goodbye to my morning news rituals and bid adieu to the endless scroll. Instead, I started prioritizing what truly mattered – nurturing my spiritual and mental...

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Embrace Your Creative Awakening: The Big Idea Revolution for Artists

Feb 09, 2024

Unveiling the Power of Your First Thoughts

Hey there, fellow creatives! Let's dive into a game-changing concept that's been a game-changer for me in navigating the twists and turns of my artistic journey – The Big Idea Revolution.

Every Season, A Creative Gift: Life is a series of seasons, each offering a unique gift – the chance to explore something new, a dazzling excuse to ward off the looming shadow of boredom. Why not seize this opportunity to revitalize your artistic spirit?

In Bed with Ideas: Picture this: the clock strikes 5 or 6 am, and you're still cozied up in bed. Instead of reaching for your phone, let your mind wander. Before the world bombards you with its challenges, think about the main idea for your day. This simple ritual has been my compass, leading me to discover the big ideas that fuel my creative fire.

From Bed to Canvas: Imagine if your first thoughts of the day were a positive force, steering you away from the chaos that awaits. What if your day...

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Riding the Waves of Change: A Personal Odyssey for Artists

Feb 07, 2024

Change is not just a word; it's a dynamic force weaving through every brushstroke of our artistic journey. Over the years, I've navigated the undulating waters of the art world, where technology evolves like a symphony and trends morph at the speed of thought. It's a reality we can't escape, but it's also a canvas of opportunity waiting to be painted.

Embrace the Metamorphosis

From the slow dance of email communication to the whirlwind romance of social media, the metamorphosis has been swift. What we held dear yesterday may transform into an entirely new masterpiece tomorrow. It's a truth that can be intimidating, yet the beauty lies in the acceptance.

Resist the urge to push back against the current of change. Instead, see it as an intrinsic part of life's rhythm, a cycle that, much like the night, brings renewal every 24 hours. The resistance we feel to change lessens when we shift our perspective—when we not only accept but welcome the new chapters unfolding in our...

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Embrace the Chaos: Unleashing Creativity in the Studio While Mastering the Business Game

Jan 22, 2024

Are you an artist who revels in the delightful mess of your studio, where paint tubes dance with books, and brushes find solace in their dried, hardened state? For years, I embraced the chaos, using it as my shield against the orderliness demanded by the business side of my art. But here's the revelation – being a bit messy in the studio doesn't mean surrendering control in your art business.

The Studio Symphony: Where Creativity and Disorder Coexist

My studio was a canvas of controlled chaos – a haven where wood sticks patiently waited, untouched for nearly two decades. Yet, amidst this apparent disarray, I realized I needed the tools and a conscious reason to seize control. It was more than just navigating paint tubes; it was about orchestrating the symphony of my creative process.

From Disarray to Design: Unleashing the Power of Organization

Believing that disorganization was part of my artistic DNA, I stumbled upon a powerful truth – organization is a choice....

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From Chaos to Control: A Personal Artistic Evolution

Jan 15, 2024

Embarking on my artistic journey, I stumbled through disorganization, leaving emails unanswered, sticky notes as desk decor, and a desktop resembling a post-hurricane candy store. But here's the twist – I transformed chaos into control, and you can too. Let me share my personal evolution and the immense success it brought to my art career.

Embracing the Mess: My Candid Confession

I confess – by default, I'm not the most organized artist. Procrastination was my second nature, and disorder seemed my artistic birthright. But, amid the scattered sticky notes and cluttered desktop icons, I made a conscious choice to act against my natural tendencies.

The Art of Taking Control

Picture this: chaos turned into a symphony of success. Today, you'd never guess I was once drowning in disarray. My journey wasn't a miraculous overnight transformation; it was a deliberate, methodical shift towards control. From tackling one small mess to another, I regained control of my art career....

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Unveiling the Artistic Odyssey: A Journey with Jim Dine

Jan 12, 2024

Discovering a Hero in the Scribbles: My Artistic Awakening

Hey fellow artists, gather 'round for a tale that might just spark the fire in your creative souls. Back in my college days, lost in the labyrinth of art history, I stumbled upon the enchanting world of Jim Dine. Abstract expressionism and pop art were his playground, and boy, did he know how to leave an indelible mark!

When I first laid eyes on Dine's drawings, it was like meeting a hero I didn't know I had. The mark-making, the way he wielded drawing mediums, the emotions he infused into mundane tools and intimate portraits – it was pure artistic alchemy. I was hooked, and my journey took a turn that forever shaped my artistic identity.

From Library Nights to Charcoal Mastery: A Tribute to Influence

Picture this – late nights in the local and university libraries, devouring every Jim Dine book within arm's reach. Screwdrivers, pliers, his wife, and self-portraits became my companions. Days blurred into...

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Weathering the Artist's Storm: Finding Sunshine in Every Studio

Jan 10, 2024

A Personal Reflection on the Gloomy Days in Sunny Florida and Your Art Studio

As I sit down to share this message, I can't help but be drawn to the gloomy scene outside my window—a rainy day in the so-called Sunshine State. Isn't it ironic? Even in the land of perpetual sunshine, we're reminded that dark and stormy days are an inevitable part of life. But here's the thing: as I peer into the overcast skies and yearn for the lost sunshine, I'm struck by the parallel to our artistic journeys.

Gloomy Days in the Studio: More than Just Weather Patterns

Those days where fatigue, distractions, health issues, and the weight of life's concerns cast shadows over our creative spaces—they're the storms in our artist lives. Much like the biographies of the great artists, our stories are woven with these challenges. Because, truth be told, there is no glory without a struggle, and no victory without a race.

The Artistic Silver Lining: Sunshine Beyond the Clouds

It's tough, I get...

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The Power of Values in Your Artist Brand

Jan 08, 2024

 If you've been following with my journey, you know about the game-changing Artist Brand Framework I've been talking about. Today, let's dive into a crucial facet that turns your artistry into a powerhouse: discovering your values.

The Artist Brand Framework: Elevating Your Art

Remember those moments of artistic block, where you felt like you're stuck in a creative maze? The Artist Brand Framework is your escape route, and at its core lies the magic of identifying your values as an artist. In the Art NXT Level coaching program, I delve deep into this transformative process.

Unlock Your North Star: Identifying Your Values

Ever asked yourself, "What truly moves me?" or "What compels me to the studio?" That's your soul whispering about your values. These aren't just random preferences; they are the heartbeat of your creativity. Once you grasp these values, you've struck gold – a perpetual source of content for your artistic journey.

The Values-Work Connection: Unveiling the...

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