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Top Secrets of Successful Corporate Art Commissions with Shirley Williams [Podcast 353]

Jul 12, 2023

Welcome to Episode 353 of the Next Level Podcast, where hosts Drew Harris and Sergio Gomez sit down with Canadian painter Shirley Williams to unveil the top secrets of successful corporate art commissions. Shirley Williams, a renowned artist with nearly 30 years of experience, takes us behind the scenes and shares her valuable insights on working with corporate clients, meeting deadlines, navigating contracts, selecting materials, and much more.

Shirley Williams is celebrated for her captivating multi-layered abstract paintings, which draw inspiration from the organic rhythms of nature and the vibrant energy of colors. Her distinctive style has garnered international acclaim, with her work being exhibited across North America in prestigious solo and juried group exhibitions. Museums and commercial art galleries in Toronto, Detroit, Dallas, Austin, New York, San Francisco, and Naples have showcased her remarkable talent.

Notably, Shirley's artwork has found a home in major...

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