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Top Secrets of Successful Corporate Art Commissions with Shirley Williams [Podcast 353]

Welcome to Episode 353 of the Next Level Podcast, where hosts Drew Harris and Sergio Gomez sit down with Canadian painter Shirley Williams to unveil the top secrets of successful corporate art commissions. Shirley Williams, a renowned artist with nearly 30 years of experience, takes us behind the scenes and shares her valuable insights on working with corporate clients, meeting deadlines, navigating contracts, selecting materials, and much more.

Shirley Williams is celebrated for her captivating multi-layered abstract paintings, which draw inspiration from the organic rhythms of nature and the vibrant energy of colors. Her distinctive style has garnered international acclaim, with her work being exhibited across North America in prestigious solo and juried group exhibitions. Museums and commercial art galleries in Toronto, Detroit, Dallas, Austin, New York, San Francisco, and Naples have showcased her remarkable talent.

Notably, Shirley's artwork has found a home in major corporate collections, including Hub International, Caesars International, General Motors, BMO Financial, Ethan Allen Global, and A&W Food Service, among others. Furthermore, her creations grace several public collections, such as Ronald McDonald House, University of Windsor, Ste. Cecile Academy Library, and WF Credit Union. In the realm of private collections, Shirley's paintings have found a place in the esteemed Zekelman Family Foundation and the Odette Family Foundation.

Throughout her career, Shirley Williams has been the recipient of numerous art grants, acknowledging her exceptional artistic contributions. In 2012, she was honored with the prestigious Endowment for the Arts, Elizabeth Havelock Foundation Award, recognizing her achievements as a mid-career artist. In 2013, she received a Letter of Recognition from Canadian Prime Minister Harper and Mayor Ed Francis of the City of Windsor.

Shirley's artistic journey has seen her collaborate with Grammy-winning symphony conductor Maestro John Morris-Russell of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. Together, they embarked on a year-long fundraising project, showcasing her talents as a Visual Artist in Residence.

Beyond her remarkable collaborations, Shirley Williams has also worked extensively with international designers and art consultants, leaving her artistic imprint on significant projects. Her artistic prowess has graced a private jet lounge and a 127-foot yacht, demonstrating her versatility and ability to adapt her creativity to diverse settings.

Currently, Shirley operates from a spacious warehouse studio with an adjoining Studio Gallery in Windsor, Ontario, situated across the river from Detroit, Michigan. This airy and inspiring space serves as the backdrop for her continued artistic endeavors and as a hub for engaging with art enthusiasts and collectors.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of the Next Level Podcast, as Shirley Williams, Drew Harris, and Sergio Gomez share invaluable advice and unravel the secrets of successful corporate art commissions. Whether you're an artist, a collector, or simply curious about the intersection of art and the corporate world, this conversation promises to be both insightful and inspiring.

Follow Shirley on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shirleywilliamsart/

Visit Shirley's website: https://www.shirleywilliamsart.com/


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