Intersection of Creativity, Dialogue, & Technology with Narimon Safavi

podcast Jul 04, 2022

In today's episode, have the pleasure of talking with Narimon Safavi, CEO of Generative Multilogue. We discuss the intersection of creativity, dialogue and technology in the world today.

Generative Multilogue  is a social enterprise at the intersection of art and technology, which aims to be a platform to support art that is about dialogue and inducing empathy in the audience.

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Facing Your Inner Critic with Dr. Yanina Gomez

podcast Jun 17, 2022

You want to be confident about the decisions you make for your art career and feel positive about your progress. But, your inner critic is often making you second-guess yourself. Therefore, you must listen to my conversation with Dr. Yanina Gomez about facing our inner critic. In our upcoming book, Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully! The Artist's Wellness Journey to Confidence and Success, we go deeper into this challenge that most of us experience in our art career.

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How the Online Art World Has Changed in 15 Years with Alex Farkas of UGallery

podcast Jun 14, 2022

In today's episode, I chat with Alex Farkas about how the online art market has changed in the last 15 years with. Founded by Gallery Director Alex Farkas in 2006, UGallery has developed a loyal following of art collectors, artists, and interior designers in all 50 states and over 50 countries. 

About Alex Farkas

Alex enjoyed a small town childhood in the old mining town of Jerome, Arizona - there were more ghosts than residents and the arts community thrived. It was his mother’s ceramic studio and gallery that first nurtured Alex’s taste in art. He spent his early years carving wood sculptures, exploring abandoned buildings, and avoiding the rattlesnakes and centipedes under every rock.

At the University of Arizona, Alex loved studying art history and sculpture, and he also enrolled in the Entrepreneurship program. It was here he realized he could combine the two worlds of art and business. Graduating in 2006, Alex launched UGallery using his entire savings. After...

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