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Studio Transitions: Artists on the Move. Episode 349

On this captivating episode of the Artist Next Level Podcast, join Sergio Gomez, Elise Wagner, and Drew Harris as they delve into the exhilarating yet challenging experience of moving studios. Whether it's just a few blocks away or a daunting journey across the country, these three artists share their personal stories and insights on the process.

Moving studios can be a whirlwind of emotions, logistics, and creative adaptation. In this episode, you'll gain invaluable knowledge on how to effectively prepare for the big move. Discover practical tips and expert advice on what to expect during the transition and how to seamlessly settle into your new artistic space.

The hosts bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to the table, sharing firsthand accounts of the joys and hurdles encountered during studio relocations. Their collective wisdom will provide you with a wealth of information, whether you're in the planning stages, in the midst of a move, or have recently settled into a new creative sanctuary.

From organizing to creating an inspiring environment, this episode offers essential guidance for artists on the move. Unlock the secrets to a successful studio transition and gain insights into optimizing your creative space.

If you're an artist planning to move, are currently in the midst of a move, or have recently embarked on a new artistic chapter, this episode is tailor-made for you. Don't miss this chance to tap into the collective knowledge of Sergio Gomez, Elise Wagner, and Drew Harris as they share their expertise, stories, and advice on navigating the art of moving studios.

Sergio Gomez's former studio


Elise Wagner's New Studio


Drew Harris's New Studio

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