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Crafting Your Creative Path: The Artist's Guide to Self-Belief

Nov 06, 2023

As artists, we often find ourselves at the crossroads of self-doubt, wondering if we truly have what it takes to pursue our creative passions. It's a shared experience we've all encountered at some point. But I want to share a powerful concept that has personally transformed my creative path: The Artist on a Mission.

The Power of Confidence in the Creative Process

When I first conceived the idea of the Artist on a Mission, I realized the importance of identifying three core qualities that drive us forward. Confidence, the first of these qualities, serves as the foundation of our artistic journey. It's not just a word; it's a bold statement, a declaration we choose to embody.

Confidence isn't a magical trait you're born with; it's a daily path of growth. It's the inner belief that you are on a mission, driven by purpose. Full disclosure: I haven't always been the confident artist I am today. Doubt has crept in, causing me to question myself and my work. But here's the essential...

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The Business of Art: Why Money Matters for Artists

Jul 25, 2023

Let's rewind the clock for a moment and take a trip down memory lane to our art school days. It feels like ages ago, doesn't it? Back then, we were passionately pursuing our creative dreams, fueling our souls with the magic of art. But one thing was curiously missing from our conversations – money.

Money, the Unspoken Taboo

Yes, you heard that right. Money was like a hushed secret in the art world. It was a big "no-no" topic that no one dared to touch upon. We were left to navigate the complexities of selling our art, managing our art business, and handling our finances all on our own. No wonder we felt lost.

Andy Warhol showed us that art and money are inseparable, like two sides of the same coin. Now, I've said it many times, and I'll say it again – art is not about money. It's about passion, emotions, and the sheer joy of creation. But here's the thing: to make the art that is not about money, we need financial resources. Money becomes the lever that opens doors to...

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