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Embracing Our Health Struggles, Inspiring Artists Everywhere

Jul 14, 2023

How can artists prioritize their well-being while pursuing their creative passions?


I wanted to take a moment to share a personal story with all of you. You see, I know firsthand the challenges that many artists face when it comes to living with illnesses, diseases, or other conditions that can impact our ability to create. For me, it's been a 16-year journey of grappling with vertigo – an inner ear malfunction that sends my world into a spin from time to time. It's a condition that comes and goes in seasons, and unfortunately, I find myself in the midst of one of those seasons right now.

The Genie in a Bottle Analogy

In coping with my vertigo, I've developed a unique perspective on my situation. I've come to affectionately call it the "Genie in a Bottle Syndrome." You know, like the genie from the Aladdin tales, except mine isn't granting any wishes. Instead, it barges into my life, disrupting my family time, studio work, and business endeavors. So, I've learned to put...

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Embracing Courage: A Personal Message to Artists

Jun 27, 2023

How can artists overcome fear and embrace courage in their creative process?

As artists, we all have that vivid memory of our early days—the days when courage flowed through our veins like an unyielding current. I can't help but take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the time when I, too, possessed that unbridled fearlessness within my studio. Back then, I approached my artistic endeavors with unwavering determination, unafraid to start over on a colossal painting or take scissors to a canvas to create an audacious collage. The pursuit of finding my voice and style knew no bounds. It was a time when the world's expectations felt distant, and my youthful naivety shielded me from fear's grip.

The Evolution of an Artist

As the years passed, and I matured both as an artist and as a person, I couldn't help but notice a shift within myself. The once unyielding courage seemed to waver, and the risks I once took with ease became harder to embrace. Cutting a painting...

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Brush Off & Rise Up: Reframing Rejection as an Artist

Jun 26, 2023

Let’s talk about something that’s as common in the art world as paint on a canvas – REJECTION. Even the word sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? But here's the deal: rejection is like those pesky sidekicks we never asked for, but they still tag along. So, how do you as an artist can dodge the daggers of rejection without losing your motivation? Buckle up, because we’re going on a roller coaster ride of emotions and learning how to get off feeling unbeaten!

1. First things first: It’s not YOU!

Listen up. A rejection doesn’t mean you're the human equivalent of a wilted flower. It just means that your piece wasn’t the right fit for that particular opportunity. Maybe the timing was off, or perhaps they were looking for something else. Don't tie your self-worth to acceptance or rejection. You are more than that - don't forget that! 

2. Build Your Tribe

Do you know what makes dealing with rejection easier? Having a bunch of cool cats...

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Embracing the Abundance Mindset: Thriving as an Artist

Jun 07, 2023

By Sergio Gomez

Years ago, I stumbled upon a concept that completely transformed my artistic journey: the scarcity vs. abundance mentality. It opened my eyes to two distinct mindsets that artists can adopt, each with its own profound impact on our creative lives.

The Scarcity Mindset: Fear and Isolation

In the world of art, the scarcity mindset can be all too familiar. It's the belief that everyone is out to steal from us, that we must guard our knowledge and connections at all costs. We may even think that others should go through the same struggles we did, fearing that someone might surpass us on this artistic voyage. It's a mindset rooted in fear, isolation, and a constant need to protect what's ours.

The Abundance Mindset: Sharing and Collaboration

But then, there's the alternative—the abundance mentality. This is the mindset I wholeheartedly embrace. Instead of hoarding our knowledge and experiences, we believe in sharing them generously. We understand that when we lift...

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Embracing Rejection: A Personal Journey for Artists

Jun 06, 2023

By Sergio Gomez 

It's Okay to Feel Sad

When that rejection letter lands in our inbox or the news of another missed opportunity reaches our ears, it's okay to feel sad. It's okay to acknowledge the disappointment, the frustration, and even a sense of loss. After all, we're human, and our art is an extension of ourselves. It's natural to invest our hopes and dreams in the opportunities we pursue.

Don't Dwell, Rise Above

But here's the secret: while it's okay to feel those emotions, we shouldn't dwell in that space for too long. We must rise above the initial sting of rejection and reclaim our artistic power. Remember, one rejection does not define our worth or the quality of our work. It's merely a detour on our journey—a chance to grow, learn, and evolve.

My Personal Experience

As an artist, curator, and entrepreneur, I've encountered more rejections than I care to remember. Yet, I don't keep track of them, nor do I hold resentment towards those who have said "no" to...

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Reigniting Your Creative Spark: Reclaiming Inspiration and Overcoming Burnout

May 30, 2023

Listen to the podcast or read the article below by Dr. Yanina Gomez

For artists, the journey of creation is often fueled by passion and a desire to share their unique visions with the world. However, amidst the pursuit of their artistic endeavors, burnout can creep in, dimming the creative spark and hindering the joy of creation. To prevent burnout from overshadowing your artistic journey, it is essential to implement strategies that nurture your well-being and reignite your inspiration.

In this blog post, I'm sharing 2 practical tips to help you avoid burnout and two tips to help you overcome burnout so that you can reclaim your creativity, and rediscover the joy in your artistic pursuits. Let's start with 2 tips for avoiding burnout. 

Tip 1: Prioritize Self-Care and Mindful Restoration

As an artist, I bet you often push yourself relentlessly, dedicating countless hours to perfecting your skills. Many artists do! However, neglecting...

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It’s OK to say No!

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez, Mindset/Emotional Wellness Coach

Lately, it seems to me that “being busy” is an act that’s glorified and accepted as the norm. Everyone is so busy.

“There aren’t enough hours in a day!” Some may say.
We want to be productive contributors to society, stay involved, and make a difference. But, boy oh boy, our schedules are so filled up with… STUFF that not much time is left to refuel yourself. And frankly, if we’re honest with ourselves, half of the stuff filling up our schedules aren’t even things we want to do.

We all get invitations to social events, family get-togethers, corporate events, donations, volunteer work, you name it. Sometimes, there aren’t enough hours or days to keep up with all the commitments we get ourselves into. We complain that we are extremely busy and have no time to do what we really want to do which leads me to wonder…

Why do...

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The Introvert in Me & My Art [Part II]

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez

In my previous post titled The Introvert in Me & My Art [Part 1], I shared with you a few suggestions to effectively navigate through social situations (networking, openings, etc.). If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you check it out before you read this post. In this second post, I’m sharing 4 tips to help you prepare yourself for Artist Talks. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

You’re probably excited about your solo or group show. Yet, you’re not that excited about facilitating an Artist Talk. Let’s go over a few suggestions that you can consider to help you ease the stress associated with speaking in public.

1. Prepare your talk before hand.
If you want to present yourself as a professional artist, try not to “wing it.” Instead, prepare for your talk! Some artists may have the ability to improvise, but preparation often leads to...

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The Introvert in Me & My Art [Part I]

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez

“Yes, I know that networking and making connections are important in the art world! Guess what? I’m an introvert person and social situations can easily overwhelm me. I prefer quietness and minimally stimulating environments.”

Does this resonate with you?

Are you more reflective, observant, cautious and highly in tune with your internal dynamics? Do you prefer quietness, minimally stimulating environments and perhaps social events are really not your preference?

Drive comes in various ways and one way isn’t better than the other. To some, drive emerges during solitude and self-reflection whereas others prefer a go-getter approach. You might prefer to work alone because you can focus better whereas others perform better when they share ideas and collaborate with others.

If you consider yourself a driven introvert artist, let me share with you a few suggestions to effectively navigate through social situations (networking, openings,...

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Enough is Enough: I’m Reclaiming Myself!

Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez, Mindset/Emotional Wellness Expert

We all want to feel loved, appreciated and respected. Some people fill this need through effort, investing time in healthy relationships, caring for others and giving back. Others, think that they have to pretend to be someone else to earn it.

They think that, if they’re themselves and show their true colors, they will not be able to fulfill these basic needs. In their effort to be loved, accepted and respected, they find themselves constantly trying to impress others or simply surround themselves with the wrong people.

Sometimes, in our effort to be accepted by certain people, we begin to wear masks.


I’m independent mask

I know it all mask

I’m crushing you mask

I’m better than you mask

I’m fun to hang out with mask

I’m very successful mask

My reputation precedes me mask, and the list goes on.

As a result, we find ourselves pretending to be someone we are not.

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