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The Art of Shipping Fine Art with Logistics Expert Myztico Campo

Welcome to Episode 351 of the Next Level Podcast, where host Sergio Gomez engages in an enlightening conversation with Myztico Campo, a visionary shamanic artist and Senior Logistics Consultant for InXpress. In this episode, they dive into the art of shipping art itself, offering best practices and insights to help artists navigate the complexities of shipping, insurance, and timelines. Myztico's dual expertise in art and logistics empowers artists to confidently manage the challenges of shipping while also providing a captivating introduction to his own artistic journey.

Sergio Gomez skillfully guides the conversation, expertly navigating between the logistics of shipping art and the exploration of Myztico's artistic path. Together, they create a dynamic and engaging dialogue that leaves listeners enlightened and inspired. Whether you're an artist seeking guidance in shipping or simply curious about the intersection of art and logistics, this episode provides a wealth of invaluable information and captivating storytelling.

Join Sergio and Myztico as they explore the intersection of art and shipping, unraveling the mysteries and sharing invaluable knowledge in this captivating episode.

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Need to Ship Art?

Contact: Luis M. Campo | Freight and Shipping Consultant
InXpress NY144  

Email: [email protected]
Direct: 917-828-6278 
Office Toll Free 855-265-3379   

Myztico Campo Art

See more of Myztico's art at: https://www.myzticocampo.com/

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