Meet Next Level Artist Caroline Karp

anl community Dec 31, 2020

What is your work about?

I’m Expressionist Artist Caroline Karp painting the stories of life. I live quite close to the water in Safety Harbor, Florida USA. I paint uplifting artwork for the wildly adventurous soul, focusing on Sunflowers, Sails, and Sparkles. I work in many media including acrylics, oils, and mixed media. My work is steeped in mindfulness and true expression.

Do you have a studio routine, strategy or ritual that helps you get in the creative zone?

I have a daily yoga and meditation practice which is part of my routine to put me into a creative painting mood. During this time I visualize what I’m going to paint… But here’s the thing. Often times when I approach the canvas I have no idea what I’m going to paint.

What is one thing you MUST have in your studio?

When I’m in the creative zone, I let go and allow my artistic intuition to take over and guide me through the artistic process.

How has the pandemic affected your art practice?

I’ve become introspective during the pandemic. I’m writing more about my work and my philosophy on life. I’m doing deep inner work and it flows through my paintings.

What is your greatest reward, memory, accomplishment or proud moment as an artist?

My greatest reward as an artist is starting my own business and becoming a leader.

What is one thing you MUST have in your studio?

Along with all the regular materials found in an art studio, I must have fresh flowers and a tripod to film myself painting.

What would you tell your future self about being an artist right now?

I would tell my future self to remember what great joy that I find in painting and to share that joy with my customers. I made so many connections with artists from around the world during the 2020 pandemic and that is when I founded the International Online Art Collective also known as the IOAC. We started as a group on Facebook and now our aim is physical spaces.

How has the Art NXT Level Academy improve your art career?

The Art NXT has helped me improve my art career by being seen and heard more around the globe. I have made a beautiful press kit under the guidance of Sergio. I now have a weekly video art journal that I publish on my Caroline Karp Artist YouTube channel. I connected with many artists from around the world and founded the International Online Art Collective where I have curated weekly shows showcasing several of the artists in the collective. Overall it has been an amazing experience to be part of the academy… I feel really connected to Sergio and the other artists.

What is the best art career advice you’ve ever received?

The best career advice I ever got was to build relationships with customers and paint beautiful paintings. Be seen by your audience and allow them to come to you.


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