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Thinking Big: Secret #4

wellness Jan 01, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

So far, I’ve been challenging you to ALWAYS think big. Make it a habit! In previous blog posts, I shared with you 3 secrets to thinking big:

The value of creating a mental picture of your goal
Falling in love again with the real reason why you started your business by answering the question: Why Do I Want to Do This?
Create a Plan of Action – writing down your idea or goal, plugging timelines, creating a budget and defining resources. Today, I will be dissecting the last one.
So, this week’s secret is: Identify the Resources You Need to Set your Business Up for Success

As you begin to put together the pieces of your business’ puzzle, you’ll soon realize that you need the right resources to make it happen. It;s important to be a proactive art entrepreneur but also maintain a realistic approach.

What I mean by this is that we have to have an awareness that unexpected situations and hurdles may come along the way. Notice I said be aware of not obsessed about it. If you obsess about it, you’ll be draining your energy worrying about what hasn’t happened yet. Consequently, not much energy will be left when you really need it to make wise choices.

In other words, we make plans but unexpected things happen. We need to keep an awareness and a clear perspective of the big picture so we can solve problems as they come. This is why it’s so important that you choose to invest in your emotional wellness so you can achieve a healthier and stronger mindset that leads to making sound and wiser decisions for your art practice. Having the right mindset is the key to getting through the hard times, embracing a forward-looking approach, becoming a problem-solver and not feeling defeated.

This Week’s Action Plan

This Week’s Action Plan is to identify the resources you need to make your idea or goal a reality. Below, I have listed six questions that will guide you through the process of identifying the resources you’ll need to set your art business up to success. This guide is to help you get started. By no means, I’m suggesting that these are the only areas you should explore. Spend some time doing further research on the resources needed to grow an art business and add other areas as needed.

What educational resources do you need to develop your idea/goal? (e.g., blogs, marketing, sales, etc.). Gaining an in-depth knowledge of your industry, will help you be better prepared to make smarter decisions regarding your business.

Do you have a place to work a.k.a. physical resources? Will you be renting, leasing, sharing space, etc.?

Do you need technology tools to reach potential collectors and promote your art? (e.g., organizational softwares, website, marketing platforms, social media management, etc.)

Do you need to hire or source out? (e.g., social media expert, marketing specialist, web designer, etc.)

Do you have emotional resources or a well-founded emotional support system? Starting and growing your art career can be an extremely stressful endeavor for an entrepreneur to undertake. To maintain your sanity and motivation, it is essential that you have a support system that is there to inspire and guide you through this journey. The good news is that you already have a support system! You’re an amazing member of the Art NXT Level community! We are here to help and support you in any way we can!!!!

In my case, to get Fabulously Driven Me Community started, I needed a website, a membership platform, a customer management system, an audio blog software and host. I also need to create content for the blog, weekly eNewsletter, audio blog and the FDM online community. The content that I create for my blog, I also share it in my eNewsletter and the live videos I share with you!

Once you answer these questions and add any other resource I didn’t address here but it’s essential for your business, you’ll have your Resources List ready. This week, begin to research and document your options.

Next time, I’ll be sharing with you my 5th and last secret to Thinking Big, Until then, take care of yourself from the inside out so you can enjoy abundant energy to succeed and make a difference in the lives of others.

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