Wellness Infusion: Finding My Artistic Voice

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. A. Yanina Gomez

A topic that has been “hot” in some artist-based LinkedIn groups is “finding your artistic voice.”  This is a bittersweet process. Some artists just happen to find their artistic voice sooner than others. Some find it, but it eventually evolves as they mature. But, the important thing is that you take the time to find your voice.

“You want your work to be recognizable.”
When others see it, they will know that it’s your work. By no means, we are suggesting that you have to create the same style over and over. We are talking about…

“Taking risks and working hard until your work reflects who you are and/or your intentions!”

Experiment with your ideas. But if your voice begins to change, don’t repress it. Instead, explore that moment mindfully.

Here are two podcast episodes in which artists Steve Prince and Jason Brammer talk about their journey to finding and fostering their artistic voice:

Go ahead and check them out!
006 Artist Steve Prince shares his passionate life story

018 Chicago artist Jason Brammer talks about finding and fostering your artistic voice

As you go through this process, embrace it! If you don’t, it can become a pain in the neck and will lose its essence. Take your time! Keep a journal so you can go back and forth. Process and document these feelings, ideas and thoughts that will be coming to your mind.   

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