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All the stuff to do and now Art NXT Level? Overwhelming!

wellness Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. Yanina Gomez

Is this you…?

“There’s so much to do. I’m trying to keep up with my art and Art NXT Level, but I feel like I’m falling behind or missing out!”

Are you feeling that there’s too much stuff in the membership site, you don’t know where to start or you simply don’t want to miss on something important? Are you feeling as if you have to post everywhere, make sure you go over each forum, training video, accountability exercises in order to get the best of your membership? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Next leveler, if this is you, I have one sentence for you…

“Take a deep breath, relax and keep reading this post!”

When Sergio and I developed Art NXT Level, our main goal was to put together in one place valuable information to help artists grow their art career at their own pace. So if you’re feeling as if you’re experiencing information overload, let me share with you a few tips to help you relax and enjoy your membership:

TIP 1.
Set your goal. What would you like to accomplish in your art career in the next 3-4 months?

“My goal for the next 3-4 months is to design my website.”

TIP 2.
Once you have your goal, focus on browsing and learning about how you can accomplish that specific goal.

“I know there’s a bunch of training videos available, but I am only going to focus on those under the ‘Designing/Updating My Website Track‘ until I finish my website. I know all training videos and resources will be there for me once I am ready to work on my next goal.”

TIP 3.
You don’t need to post in every single forum (unless you want to). Only use the forum (s) that will help you accomplish your specific goal. 

1. “I’m going to post each week my weekly goals under the Accountability Forum because it keeps me organized and helps me get things done in my studio.”

2. “I have 3 questions that popped up while I was working on my site. I am going to post them under the Business Insights Forum so Sergio, Dr. Yanina or other members can help me out.  I’m going to start a new conversation under this forum titled Website Questions and post my 3 questions there:

Should I add a “SHOP” on my website?
Should I write my bio in a story-like format? or
Should I write a formal bio?”

3. “I need feedback about my Artist Statement. So, I’m uploading it under the Business Inisghts Forum so Sergio, Dr. Yanina and other members can provide me with their feedback this week. Next week, I’m going to need feedback for my CV. I’m also uploading it in this forum.”

TIP 4.
Don’t bother with other forums, posts, training videos or resources that have nothing to do with helping you accomplish your specific goal until you’re ready for your next goal.

TIP 5.
Once you accomplish your specific goal, begin with step 1.

NEVER feel that you’re falling behind, you have to deliver for someone else in the community or that you have to participate in everything that is offered in this site.

My suggestion to you is this…

Use what you need when you need it. Take one step at a time!

No one is here to review your participation. We are here to help you achieve your art-related goals! As member Robert Stanley suggested, see Art NXT Level as a local library. When you go to the library, your intention is to check out books or resources on a specific topic. Right? The library has thousands upon thousands of resources available to you. Yet, you don’t go there to read every single book, peruse every periodical or check out everything that is available for you. You have a goal and you focus on searching for the resources that are related to your goal despite of the sea of books available in the library. The same idea works for Art NXT Level!

Next Leveler, focus on your goal (s), take your time, browse, learn and grow at your own pace! We want to see you succeed. As always, let us know how we can help!

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