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Follow Your Passion Intelligently

wellness Jan 01, 2018

By A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.

I hate my day job! I feel miserable. The only thing I really want to do is what I’m passionate about. I have all these ideas and that’s all I want to do!
Sounds familiar? Many of us want the perfect job that is aligned to our passions. We love to follow our passions. And, frankly, that’s a healthy approach. But, passion without an action plan might not be sustainable.

So, before you quit that day job that you can’t stand anymore to follow your passion, hold on to your horses and let’s go over a few things you might want to consider. Do you have a strategy, an action plan? What is your goal(s)? What steps must be taken to accomplish the goal? What strategies do you have in place to make this new venture a sustainable one? Have you considered having various income streams such as writing a book, teaching classes, consulting or if you’re an artist, commissions, hosting studio events (art & wine), etc.

Find someone who is where you want to be and learn from that person. How did she get there? You don’t need to know this person. It can be someone you truly admire. Take some time to study their journey. Don’t try to copy everything they’ve done to succeed as we all are unique and have different experiences and opportunities. Instead, adjust what you learn to your situation.

When my husband Sergio & I decided to host our podcast The Artist Next Level, we were totally clueless as to how to begin. We searched for “the” best podcaster out there and found out that he offers a course teaching people how to become a podcaster. So, instead of copying his business format and shoot to dethrone him, we purchased the course, learned from him, and voila! The Artist Next Level Podcast was born.

Don’t get stuck in one passion. Be open to discover other passions and explore how they can work harmoniously so you can monetize them efficiently.

Unlike your 9-5 job, starting your business requires extra hours and extra effort. It is challenging and consistency is essential! Consider not quitting your day job until your passion-based business is sustainable.

Finally, consider mentors or coaches to help you challenge yourself and expand your perspective.

Have you taken the step to begin your passion-based business? Do you have any advice for those who are considering this journey? Share them in the comments below!

As always, those who maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul) will be ahead of the game!

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