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I’ve Been Waiting For A….

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2018

By Dr. A. Yanina Gomez

For the 80’s lovers… I bet you’re already singing “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life…” by the rock band Foreigner. Don’t deny it, it’s OK! So, I’ll give you a moment of privacy and once you’re done singing or humming, I’ll be right here waiting for you.

“I am sorry to burst your bubble BUT I am NOT talking about that kind of wait.”
I am talking about the waiting period that you put on yourself when it comes to living the art career you really want. It’s when you have a burning desire to advance your career by pushing yourself harder, yet you keep on waiting for the PERFECT moment to do it.

If Sergio and I would had waited for the perfect moment to launch the Art NXT Level, we would still be waiting. Between taking care of our family, running an art gallery, curatorial projects, teaching and other commitments, there was NO space for a new project of this magnitude. When the Art NXT Level idea popped into our heads, we simply fell in love with it and were totally fired up. At that time, we had two options;

1. Add another massive project to our schedule and perhaps reach our point of insanity.


2. Simplify our lives by prioritizing, letting go some things and focusing on the project.

Well, as you know, we chose option #2! We were like… that’s a humongous project, something has to go! We began to simplify our lives and schedule things so they can get done. We let go quite a few things here and there. Hence, Art NXT Level was born!

If we were to wait for the perfect time to launch the Art NXT Level Membership platform, we would still be waiting. Worse, we would’ve probably never met you.

Put a stop on the “I’m waiting for the right time” parasite. Start planning, strategizing, taking action and expect an amazing outcome. The truth is that you will face one of the two; a “failure” or success. If you face a “failure” (or challenge), there will be invaluable lessons learned. At the very least, you will definitely learn what does not work, right? And you will have an advantage over others who are going through a similar situation. You will still be alive and will still have a brain to brainstorm and execute other possibilities.

One More Thing…
Be aware of the dream killer known as “THE COMFORT ZONE.” Our comfort zone is our worst enemy because it’s a false protective bubble that gives you the illusion of contentment and satisfaction.

We have learned that if a situation, idea, opportunity, etc. is uncomfortable but possible you should GO FOR IT! As long as you’re not breaking the law or hurting others of course! Like many successful entrepreneurs say: It is when you go outside of your bubble that magic starts to happen!

Until you begin to actively search for resources and use them, you will not learn a new skill.

IT’S TIME to burst that bubble! Get out of that paralyzing comfort zone and act on your dream or idea! Picture a crowd chanting… “Wait no more! Wait no more! Wait no more!”

So, what are you waiting for to commit to that amazing idea that has been circulating in your head? What are you waiting for to begin living the art career you really want? Share your comments below!

Artists who maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul) will be ahead of the game!

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