Instagram: Celebrating Your Loyal Followers

 How can I strengthen my presence on Instagram and build a genuine, engaged following without obsessing over follower counts?

Do you ever find yourself anxiously chasing new followers on Instagram, or perhaps you've felt a bit down when your follower count doesn't seem to budge? It happens to the best of us, right? In the quest for new admirers, it's easy to overlook the loyal souls who've been with you from the beginning. But trust me, they're there – cheering you on, one post at a time.

Your 300 Followers: A Room Full of Support

Picture this: you have 300 followers. Seems like a modest number, right? But think about it – that's 300 individuals, real people, gathered in one virtual room just to be part of your creative journey. It's a crowd in itself, isn't it? 

The thing is, the pursuit of those flashy numbers can often overshadow the essence of the artistic community we've built. Those followers of yours, they know you by name, they appreciate your art, and some, you've even had the pleasure of meeting. Others may remain faceless, and that's perfectly fine. They're all part of your artistic family.

A Simple Yet Powerful Practice: 'Followers Appreciation Day

Here's a little secret that's been making waves among artists – "Followers Appreciation Day." This isn't just any day; it's a day dedicated to your followers. It's a day where you put your community before yourself.

So, what's "Followers Appreciation Day" all about? It's straightforward yet incredibly impactful. On this special day, you randomly select a few of your followers and share one of their posts on your Instagram stories. Don't forget to tag them and add a caption that says, "Follower Appreciation Day."

A Day to Share the Love

Throughout that day, keep sharing your followers' posts on your stories, as many as you can. When you do this, something magical happens. Your tagged followers will see the post, and you'll witness an outpouring of appreciation. Many will reshare the post, others may send you a heartfelt 'thank you,' and some might not even notice, but that's absolutely fine. What truly matters is that you've made them feel valued.

Being an artist who genuinely appreciates the people you already have on your side isn't just heartwarming; it's fantastic for your artistic brand. It shows that you care, that you're not just about numbers, but about genuine connections. Your followers will love you for it, and guess what? The algorithms will too! Instagram's algorithms are designed to reward accounts that engage with their audience. So, you'll benefit in more ways than one.

Finding the Sweet Spot: Share the Love, but Keep It Real

Now, I'm not suggesting that you attempt to share a hundred stories in a day. Instagram has its cap, and it's set at 100. That's more than most of us can handle, and it's perfectly okay. Starting with around 20 shares is an excellent number to aim for. It ensures you get the best results without overwhelming yourself.

So, there you have it. Don't let the pursuit of new followers overshadow the true gems you already have. Be an artist who celebrates and cherishes the community that's been by your side. "Followers Appreciation Day" is not just a practice; it's a testament to the power of gratitude and connection in the artistic world. Let's take a step back from the numbers game and remind ourselves that it's the people who matter most. Together, let's share the love, build a stronger artistic brand, and let our art shine even brighter.

If you're looking for the support and guidance you need to boost your art career, I invite you to check out the Art NXT Level Coaching program. It's an incredible resource where artists like you come together to learn, grow, and achieve their artistic dreams. Join us, and let's take your art to new heights!

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Sergio Gomez, MFA
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